2nd Cycle for CrossFit Athlete

Hej all,

After doing a successful 1st cycle with Test E only I’m ready for the next level.

Considering the following cycle to gain lean muscle mass, strength and endurance.

Anavar 40mg daily week 1 - 8
HGH 4iu daily week 1 - 12
Testosterone Enanthate 500mg weekly week 1 - 12 (2 pins per week)
Primobolan 300mg weekly week 1 - 12 (2 pins per week)
500iu HCG and Anastrozole 0.25mg with every shot of Test

Clomid 50 MG daily
Nolvadex 20mg daily
1000iu HCG every 3 days

What’s your take on this?

Aren’t the CrossFit games tested (it’s a juicefest, but I believe it’s supposed to be a natural competition).

Test E isn’t great for tested athletes.

I’m not games level yet :wink:
But yes it’s heavily tested, but personally don’t have the aim to participate in the games.

And like every sport, people find ways to boost performance on top of training and eating well.

Thought Test E will be not detectable after 2 weeks?

Not the case. Its not even cleared your system yet. It take about 5 half lives for medicinal clearance and drug detection time is even longer.

What are you bridging into PCT with and don’t take clomid/nolva together. Also no HCG during PCT. I wouldn’t take an AI unless I needed to as symptoms arise.

No clomid and nolva together? That’s what I did on last PCT (was recommended)

And the AI, during first cycle my nipples (just the tip) got swollen and hard quite soon after the start of the cycle and to prevent Gyno I started the AI.

Adex isn’t best for gyno symptoms(if it even was that, sometimes its just your system all over the place trying to find balance and symptoms subside), nolva is better. Adex also has little impact on controlling aromatisation in the testes caused by HCG forcing natural production (although I stand to be corrected on how much impact it has).
Clomid and Nolva work in similar ways, it’s a bit of a waste using together. The go-to on here is just Nolva. I always used clomid for 1 week then nolva for 4 weeks.
HCG shouldn’t be used during PCT because of the action. I’d use the HCG for last 2 weeks of cycle and the 4 weeks while you bridge into PCT. then clomid followed by nolva or just nolva.

Don’t stop the HGH at week 12, you’ll be disappointed. That stuff is a slooooow burn. Guys run it much longer because it takes a long time to really get the most out of it.

As others have said, PCT needn’t be both Clomid and nolva. The science says Nolva is stronger at lower doses, plus the incidence of side effects is more favorable.

If you know you need adex already then use it however it works for you. Since this is your second cycle I’ll assume you know how to control e2 without crashing it. Keep in mind HCG will raise e2 but will not be lowered by an AI, so if you’re starting to get gyno issues for ahead and add in a low dose of Nolva during your cycle. Like 10mg twice a week to start. That very well could be enough to stop any gyno issues. If it’s not then you can take more, obviously, but always go for lowest effective dose.

Love the idea of anavar for eight weeks. Guys sometimes freak out when they see an oral in a cycle that lasts longer than six weeks. But var is pretty mild and the gains are pretty excellent.

The primo…I’m unconvinced that you’re going to get much from a that dose at the lowest end of potential cycle length. My next blast is primo 600 for 16 weeks and I’m debating upping it from the get-go. It’s expensive, so anytime you use it you want to get value for your money. But big picture 300mg for 12 weeks is better than 0mg for 12 weeks, and it’s about the safest thing you can do as far as steroids go.

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Thanks for the detailed response, very helpful.

For how long will you keep the HGH? And you’ll keep running it during the PCT?

The message on the PCT is clear. Start with Clomid for 1 week at 50mg per day, followed by 3 weeks of Nolva at 20mg per day.

No HCG during PCT

On the primo, I was planning on starting low and maybe increase the dosage.

Thinking about what you’ve said, should I just add 4 weeks to the whole cycle, with extending the use of HGH, Test E and Primo, and upping the dosage of Primo to 400-500mg?

And the AI, I’m afraid as shit that I would get gyno, but on my first cycle I didn’t experience anything but hard nipples (only other side effect was some acne on chest and back)

But I’ll start without using the AI and add some nolva at first signs of gyno. I guess these symptoms are pretty obvious?

Want to thank you again for answering these newbie questions without flaming :slight_smile:

Honestly? Skip the Clomid altogether. Nolva solo is really effective and the more drugs you use the higher likelihood that you’ll experience something unpleasant. Run Nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20 and you’ll be great. Hell, some guys are doing Nolva at just 20 for six weeks.

If you can afford to do that then you absolutely should. An extra month of HGH is only going to be a positive. Ditto the primo.

If you controlled e2 well last time and didn’t get gyno then go ahead and do what works. I only suggested using the Nolva for gyno control as a “hey, this works too” sort of thing. But do what worked last time.

You’re welcome. When someone needs help the guys here are more than willing to step up. The flames only come out when dudes walk in with attitude and are generally looking to start something. When someone is looking for guidance—like you are—we treat you as a fellow brother.

Ok, think I’m there.

First getting my bloodwork done, working on my diet. After thats done I’ll start the following:

Anavar 40mg daily - 8 weeks
HGH 4iu daily - 16 weeks
Testosterone Enanthate 250mg every 4 days - 16 weeks
Primobolan Enanthate 200mg every 4 days - 16 weeks
HCG 500iu every 4 days - 16 weeks
Anastrozole .25mg every 4 days - 16 weeks

40mg daily - 2 weeks
20mg daily - 4 weeks

This should get me the desired results. Will keep you posted on the start and the progress during the cycle.

Your input is much appreciated!

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@myake, I run HGH year round. You might want to look at my post on HGH