2000 cals too low for 200lb @15%bf?

I’ve been dieting at 2000 calories a day for about 6 weeks now. I noticed great results for the first 4 weeks but the last 2 weeks seem to be at a stand still. I’m a little worried that perhaps I dropped my calories too low in the beginning and now my body has adapted. I don’t want to go any lower as I’m already hungry as a mofo with 2000 calories.

Giving my stats in the subject, 200 lbs, 14-15% bodyfat, is this too low? I was considering raising my cals up about 2-300 calories next week and attempting that, but if my metabolism has slowed this seems like it could cause more problems. Should I take a week off at maintenance calories to reset my metabolism and then shift down again, but not go as low? Or can simply upping my calories make a diff?

Up till now I haven’t been doing much cardio, I usually rely on weight training(4 days a week) with maybe a day or 2 of cardio max. Could it be that I just need to up my cardio with my current calorie intake? Like I said though my worry is that I’ve dropped calories too much and that more cardio might make it worse.

I've been following about a 45/30/25-pro/fat/carb diet this whole time and I find it easy to follow. However I haven't been too picky on the carb type, eating a lot of whole wheat breads, whole wheat waffles, etc... Also I usually shoot for 45/30/25 at each meal and haven't been breaking them up between pro/fat and pro/carb like JMB suggests.

So my dilemna is should I take a week off and then readjust calories? Or should I add in more cardio, adjust my diet to JMB style of pro/carb and pro/fat meals with lower GI carbs, maybe adding 2-300 calories back in or sticking with current intake? Anyone dieting with similar stats as me please let me know what your calorie intake is and how it’s working for you.

Although your nutrient breakdown (45-30-25) looks good 2000 calories is quite low for a 200 lb guy…especially when only 25% of those calories are coming from carbs. I recommend you either keep the breakdown the same and increase your calories to 3000 for a week (more total food volume)or keep the protein and fat the same but add about 150 grams of carbs to your diet for a week. Once you resume dieting you’l most likely find your metabolic rate has speeded up.

Personally, I would be much pickier about carb type (to the point of not eating bread or any other processed carb). Kelly, I agree with the point on adding calories (I plan to do this gradually next week with the expectation of further fat loss) but could curious just increase protein and still speed his metabolism. I find more moderate carb diets to be most effective (disregarding ketogenic).

Oh yeah I didn’t notice that the first time regarding your carb choices. It can be really confusing when you’re first beginning but try to educate yourself and avoid high GI carbs or high insulinogenic carbs. But still eating whole wheat products is a lot better then eating sugar. Regarding the increased calories from protein and fat I know these don’t have the stimulating effect on the metabolism that carbs do, but if you increase total calories, along with carbs…the same mission should be accomplished.