17aa-dromostanolone & methylandrostanolone

Anyone in the know, do these compounds bind well to the androgen receptor?

The name “methylandrostanolone” makes little
sense to me – the “andro” adds nothing to
the meaning, and “methylstanolone” would be
the same as mestanolone, which is methyl-DHT.

Both this and methyldromostanolone probably
bind well to the androgen receptor, based
on structure, but I don’t know if it’s been

Whether methyl-DHT would be an effective
skeletal muscle anabolic is something you’d
only know by trying… DHT itself is not
because, in muscle, it is metabolized to
a different compound which is not very
if at all anabolic. Whether methyl-DHT
shares that problem or not, one can’t
predict based on structure, you’d need
to have real-world results to say. I’ve
never used it.

I don’t know anyone who has been happy
with Masteron (dromostanolone) as the sole
anabolic being used
so I wonder about it…
however, the reason for the lack of that
result could well be that the stuff was
so expensive that no one could go and use
a gram per week of only Masteron. So I dunno.
Again, with methyldromostanolone, the
proof will be in the using. Or not.