1-AD Question!!!!

I don’t know if that is really Ed Sturm. It might be. He is a friend of the manufacturer and an enthusiast of his products and so he might have been upset, hence calling people “nuts.” However, I’m surprised that the real Ed Sturm would seem to care so little about the product causing stomach pain. This ordinarily would be a real alarm sign to any intelligent and responsible person, which Ed is, that there may be a problem with the product. Especially given the company’s long history of putting out products with 10% or more of impurities, and the lack of a complete analysis adding up to 100.0%. (I don’t know for sure that this analysis is lacking but the company in question has not provided such on their other products so I suppose they do not have it for this one either. Ed, if that’s you, do you have a copy of an analysis adding up to 100.0% ? It would be very helpful to this issue if you did.)