1-AD Question!!!!

This is the 4th report I’ve heard of the stomach pain problem, and the 2nd of the headache problem.

It seems very unlikely to me that 1-AD (1-androstenedione) itself causes the problems.

The manufacturer of this product is known
in the industry for inability to produce
a clean pure product. And in fact unwillingness
to clean up product on request from buyers.
Biotest was the first to analyze the impurities of their 4-AD, and while it turned out the impurities of that product were not harmful, there were a lot of them and some were downright weird…

The nor-4-AD product was worse, being not only highly colored and bitter (nor-4-AD itself is colorless and tasteless) but containing a non-water-soluble volatile impurity that, if used in a spray formulation, induced extremely severe choking episodes in 4 out of 4 testers. We did not find a practical way to remove this impurity (though a way impractical for production was found) and instead had to simply switch suppliers in order to produce a safe product. (We did not identify the toxic product though we did isolate it… just a few milligrams at the bottom of a flask would have you choking within seconds after opening the flask: nasty stuff!)

Both the 4-AD and nor-4-AD, in my opinion as a chemist, were “worked up” simply by evaporating the methanol reaction mixture. Absolutely no purification steps, not even water washing, appeared to have been performed.

This is the cheapest way to go but is not the way any company with ethics and competence would do it.

So based on these past experiences with the products of this company – and I have yet to hear of a clean pure product being manufactured by them – I have to expect that these instances of stomach pain from 1-AD are due to impurities in the product. In this case, unlike with 4-AD, an apparently toxic impurity.