ZMA Use and Nipple Growth?

Hi everyone. I have a question regarding ZMA use in women. I have been using it for the last 4 months taking 4 capsules a day and I noticed that my nipples have gotten considerably bigger. I find this strange because I am 24 years old and haven’t “grown” in a long time. I have had no weight gain and my breasts themselves have not gotten bigger. I am not on birth control, not pregnant and not taking any kind of estrogen! these are all questions my friends have asked me. So are there any other women out there that have had this happen while using ZMA?

Maybe you just got cold.

I think we all agree that if maybe you post some pictures it will be easier to tell you what may be going on. I may be also available for personal consultation. :slight_smile:

I had a feeling this would be a bad idea to post on this board. Does anyone have a more MATURE response???

Christina, you may want to directly call SNAC Systems, the company that manufactures ZMA. 800-697-2086

For starters you are taking more than the recommended dosage. It states three before bed. I believe Tim stated once that females might want to start off with two. You are doing the typical bodybuilder mentality routine (If two is good, four must be better). I agree, call SNAC systems and make sure you talk to the owner, or at least get his input. On the bright side, as you can tell by the responses, most guys like big nipples. My girlfriend has huge breast for her 5’ frame and her nipples are like grapes. Yummmy :wink:

First off, make sure it’s the ZMA doing it. Stop taking it a while, check out your nips for changes, then start taking it again. Examine nips carefully again. [Insert cheesy flirtation here]

Speaking of SNAC. Was anybody watching the olympics the other day when Victor Conte (owner of SNAC and formulator of
ZMA) came to the aid of big dumb C.J. Hunter stating that the reason he has 1000 times the limit of nandrolone in his system is because of an iron supplement. I mean come on, I myself lost all respect for Conte when he sat down and said this in front of the world. Then C.J. gets up there and all he says is why would I do this, it does not mean anything, how the hell do we know why you big dumb goof, your the one who got caught. Anyway, just my opinion.

I don’t want to scare you, but have you checked recently for any signs of breast cancer?
If you are unsure about what’s going on, stop taking in the zma for awhile and check for breast cancer.
If the nibbles get smaller while you aren’t taking in the ZMA and you are not diagnozed with bc, I’d say you should follow TC’s advice and start taking in the ZMA in dosages like 1-2 pills a day.
And… if everything is normal on that dosage, and you try to increase the dosage again, and the nibbles start growing AGAIN, well, then it’s pretty obvious what’s causing this, eh?

Joe Hawk, that does not sound like breast cancer! Stop scaring the girl! I know two family members who had breast cancer and never had abnormal nipple growth! I would just see a doctor if I were you and let them know of the ZMA use although I doubt it has anything to do with it.