Xmas presents?

What does everybody want for Christmas? Anything lifting related?

Clothes, kettlebell and supplements are pretty much all the things on my list.

I’ve got two things on my christmas list, but I’m not going to get either of them. The first is an Opel GT 1900, in black. Someone has one parked outside their house near me and I adore it. I cycle past every day and slow down to get a good look at that sexy beast.

The other is a package of 6 bottles of Mag-10, and loads of good tasting mrp’s to get my calories up.

Judging by the price, looks like I’m going to have to work my ass off and buy them myself.

1st 3 posters are Nathans how bout that? I want to get Mastery of Hand Strength, CoC #1&2 & Rolling Thunder.

ian king killer leg excercise video

yeah I am sick of tuna, I hope I get some myoplex, tribex, M, T2, surge, ZMA, mag-10. In addition I hope i get about a hundred pund bag of chicken and all kinds of good pro-testosterone supp`s. and a year supply off eggs.

Nothing and that is exactly what I always get.


I usually don’t celebrate christmas. If there is something I wanted, I’ll go get it. I think it’s time for a new kettlebell. The 35 pound one I have is getting light. Time for an upgrade. Oh, and some Russ Meyer movies would be nice.

In my opinion, Mastery of Hand Strength is one of the greatest books ever written. It is truly a must read for anyone concerned with functional strength. Make sure you get that book. Kodiak.

Inzer squat shoes. Has anyone tried them???

I usually just end up askin’ the folks for forgiveness. Most of the time I get a lump of coal.