Worlds Strongest Olympian

i was referring to the actual holding of the dumbbell in the air. Thats why i said try it with something that moves. Id have to disagree with the strength observation. With my stunt partner i just have to have good technique. But if one of our smaller guys tries to do stuff with her they struggle. These are guys whove been cheering three times as long as me so their technique should be much better. If your just talking bout basic stunts, sure strength plays only a small role. But when you start doing fullup cupies, fullup one arm arabesque,and throwing really high baskets strength plays a huge role. There is one girl on our squad that weighs 135 lbs and has only a small amount of athletic ability. Me and one other guy are the only one who can toss her all the way to the top of a stunt. he weighs 225 and i weigh around 235-245 depending on what im doing. Me and that same guy throw baskets. We only have three guys in our basket group. Every other group has four. Yet our basket goes a shit load higher than any one elses. I dont know about michigan state but we toss all of our stunts which means all the stunts have to be tossed high enough for me to catch it with my arms full extended. Thats around 7 1/2 to 8 feet in the air. thats one hell of a snatch.

Interesting. I think I got the gist of what you were saying, but you laid on the terminology pretty heavy on that reply (did I not mention that I wasn’t a cheerleader?). However, I can see your point. A snatch or power snatch for me is indeed actually approximately 8 feet at the top, but I am six feet tall and most good Olympic lifters in the heavyweight class tend to be much shorter. Even my modest lifts were a lot more than 135, but as you say I didn’t have to hold the bar or catch it, though I once lost control of a 225 clean and launched it into the ceiling. That was a riot of diving for cover :slight_smile: The girls that were on the MSU cheerleading team were a lot smaller than 135 pounds, so I guess the guys didn’t have to be as big (they were a real mixed bag from a physique standpoint). I am pretty sure from what I saw that a 135 pound cheerleader would NOT have made the cut at MSU – which leads me to another question that I was wondering about. Have you noticed a problem with eating disorders among female college cheerleaders? Some of the girls that we saw were absolutely disgustingly skinny, and it made me wonder.

Geez man. I didn’t realize you were that big (235-245). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I remember reading on the forum that you were like 5’9 or so. With that build you should be playing fullback for your football team. Also, there is no reason for you to defend your sport. The smart guys on here realize the difficulty of it. Although, I would like to see you or someone snatch and throw a 100 lb. dumbbell in the air and catch it. That would just be cool to see.

Ive always said i was 6 foot. i think in one post i put 5’11. but we dont have a football team.

Goldberg, you’ve always been a cool poster before, but I just don’t get your reference to body builders being “gay ass”. How do you justify that statement? I respect your cheerleading, but just because you get to grab and be around pretty girl cheerleaders doesn’t make it a manly. Male figure skaters and fashion designers get to do the same things and I believe “gay ass” comes up pretty often to describe both groups. Don’t take this post personally, but I just wanted to point out that you have been pretty vocal trying to dispell the “gayness” of male cheerleading, so it seems like you wouldn’t start calling other sports “gay ass”.

This is going to be hard to explain but ill try. Around where I live we throw phrases like that in front of words all the time. It doesnt really mean its gay, it kinda means the discussion is gay. I dont bodybuild per say, but i do have some friends that do, and i basically live the bodybuilding “lifestyle”. I shave and tan but i dont oil up and get on stage. I was kinda saying that it made more sense for the Worlds Stongest Man to be in the Olympics than for bodybuilding.