Winstrol + trt

Hi, everyone so I am currently on trt 200mg a week prescribed. Now I want to add winstrol I’ve already taken it before but now that I get blood work done for trt will my doctor see that I’m using other stuff or is their a way to avoid winstrol from popping up on my resluts I have to do blood :drop_of_blood: work every two months.

How long have you been on TRT?
Given enough time. I would think you should be able to make some pretty positive body changes on that dose.
With that being said. I don’t think you have enough time between your blood tests to do anything meaningful with Winstrol in that time frame.

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Yep, probably. It’ll crush SHBG and screw your lipids up, along with liver enzymes. Just stop 2-3 weeks before blood work

TRT is just a gateway to steroid use for a lot of guys. Dare I say most guys. These clinics know it too. Depending on who his provider is they may or may not care what he’s taking. But they’ll likely know something is up in his lab work if he doesn’t say anything

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No doubt. I’ve been on TRT for 6Mo. and still trying to decide if a blast is in my future.

I say do it, lol. But I came from the AAS side before TRT.

Over on reddit there’s tons and tons of guys that all make the same post: I’m 6 weeks into TRT and my clinic offered me Deca and Var can’t wait to get huge! lol.

Two months is pretty tight.
I would just play their game for now and hopefully once you are stable and dialed in they will give you a little more leash.

Ha, Man I know. I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot now. I’ve made some good gains off TRT alone. Kinda like what I was telling the OP. To just wait it out and see what happens.
For myself though. I’ll be 50 in a few mo. So, I kinda feel like the clock is ticking. Now or never time?

Yeah man, at least to know what it’s like before it’s too late. lol I’m not enabling tho.


I believe about the polar opposite. I believe you would make noticeable gains if you were on Winstrol one month “on” followed by one month “off” (then test blood.) And repeat as long as you wish (within reason.)

@Yankees11 Are you talking about oral Winstrol? I liked it the best. What doses?


I guess perhaps another question is. (although I agree with frequent blood work) Why is your Dr. calling for blood work every 8 wks?
Are they monitoring a current issue? Or, are you still dialing in your TRT protocol?

Yes is because I’m still following my trt protocol