Winstrol Oral Only Cycle

After much deliberation… I have decided to take an oral only cycle… now, if you read this and have the unjust rage to bash me and what not, then you should just leave because I know the general consensus for oral only and the view that test should be used as a base…

With that said… I start Winstrol on Monday (tomorrow) for a 7 week cycle at 60 mg e/d. I cannot find many articles/posts around on someone who actually done an oral only with a finalised analysis… so, follow this as I take the plunge and try and lean out like a mofo and give ya’ll an honest analysis of Winstrol oral only for cutting… some people have said it works like a beauty, some say it is BS… I will tell you in 8 weeks (with evidenced photos).

Peace out homies x

From past experience, orals are better with test but what AAS doesn’t synergize when you start adding more to the cocktail? If your only option is that vs allnatty then you’re definitely going to be better off taking the stanozolol.

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Seven weeks is quite a bit longer than optimal for running a c17-alpha-alkylated. Are you monitoring liver enzymes?