Why did you start lifting?

I stared my freshman year of hs so I’d be in shape for football tryout as a soph. I made the team and got on their program. Now I train for college walk-on trypouts. But since I’m a kines minor and swole, people come to me for training advice. Now I have a job lined up after i graduate next year of a strength coach at my hs and in the fitness center of the sheriff’s office at home. But the gym chicks are a nice perk. :wink:

After reading some of the responses posted, I once again realized why I come to this site every day. Most of you guys and gals are just like I am. I started lifting because that was what my dad did and my grandad was always a strong man too (a Marine in WWII). But after reading Dan McVicker’s post, I thought, man, that is exactly how I feel. Yeah, I like the way a girl will feel my arm while talking to me, how she will lay her hand on my chest or cop a feel of my ass. But what really drives me is myself. The feel of the weight in my hands, on the barbell across my traps when squatting. Competition with myself. Yeah, to push myself to become better than I was, that is it.

Sand “Dan 'hit the nail on the head’McVicker” Man

my cousin was a beast lifter back in macedonia. built his own gym in the basement from shit he found around. he used concrete blocks as weights, it was crazy. when i was leaving to live in america, he asked me: r you going to play any sports? i said “football”. i was about 5’11 179 summer before soph year of HS. he said “u r too small, get as big as i am, then u might get it” well i joined the football team in my HS, proved him wrong there, and started lifting because i wanted to start at OLB and kill people. actually make them cry.

now at 19 and 212pounds, i do it becauses i love it. people collect stamps, have fast cars, i have my protein tubs and my weights. about 10-15 more pounds and i’ll be bigger then my cousin, who is 7 years older then me. then i’ll go back to macedonia and measure myself up against him.

I love the challenge of it. I lifted for the first time in 10th grade and found I was really strong for my size (125 lbs at the time) but then in 11th grade switched to a lot of pushups/situps etc b/c I was trying to get into the naval academy and hit the max 100 pushups/situps in 2 minutes for the PFT test. Freshman year of college I did the 12 weeks to BUD/S workout with my best friend, and then by junior year all that cardio took me down to 121 lbs and everyone said I looked drawn and thin. I found t-mag, started reading, and used massive eating to lift for the first time since 10th grade (I was a junior in college at this point). My body took to it pretty well and I put on almost 25 lbs in just 9 weeks. Everyone noticed the change and I’d say the best reaction I got was at my best friend’s 21st b-day party. A kid I had met once before through my friend came with his new gf, who is the most gorgeous redhead I’ve ever seen in my life, and he came up to me with her at the bar to say hi etc. She squeezed my bicep then turned to her bf and said he needed to start working out.

Had surgery in jan that kept me from lifting until march, but I’m getting back into it now and love it. I take out all my frustrations in the gym and really enjoy the challenge of pushing myself and watching my weights increase.

Low self-esteem.

cause i wanted to.

In my early years, I started lifting strictly for chicks. Now that I’m 39 and 12 years married with children, I’m lifting strictly for chicks.

I started to lift to replace one love with another.
I started because of a girl. My high school sweetheart broke up with me early on in 2nd yr. university… I guess it didn’t help that I was 5’8, pushing 240 lbs. Yeah, shopping for size 40+ pants in clearance centers was always fun & appealing.
Anyway, I took the breakup kind of hard and immersed myself in school and lifting. I took it sort of fanatically at first and my life consisted of work, school, & the gym. I dropped about 60 lbs. in a year doing cardio and circuit training. The transformation was startling and exhilarating… Haven’t looked back since. Whenever I am having a bad day/month/year I just think about going to the gym and it makes me feel better already.

I started when I was about 14, and immediately fell in love. At first I just wanted to look better, but now I want to keep on getting stronger. My goal is to break the michigan bench press record(usapl) in 16-17 181 or 165. I have a lot of work to do though, right now I am at 215@173 raw. I also want a total well over 1,0000 before I graduate hs.

to prove people wrong and see the looks on their faces…the only thing sweeter than vicotry is revenge

I was a chubby aggresive 5’10" 14 year old who liked getting in fights. Started lifting to relieve some anger. the first time i touched a barbell I was hooked. turns out girls like muscle. another reason I lift is to not be your average guy who drinks all the time and eats chips,drinks soda and cant even run around the block without puking. always have something to strive for. making me sronger mentally and physically. did I say look good nekkid.

I started lifting when i was 13 for basketball. Then when i started 8th grade girls told me how strong i looked. So I kept lifting.

Hmm…Well…I`ve just allways been facinated with big muscles…probably has to do with waching…WWF,He-man,Arnold,Stallone and Van damme while growing up…and I knew girls loved muscles to:)…Had just turned 14 when I started.(Exuse my english…second language:)

HOLY CRAP!!! I started a post that went someplace…righteous! I am psyched by all of you guys nothing cooler than people drawn together by weightlifting for chicks!!!

And more to the point, weightlifting for the sheer joy of lifting!!

Sports – particularly football. But also soccer and wrestling. I was one skinny freshman in high school, and I wanted to bulk up my then 5’8", 135-lb. frame…

I wanted to get laid,plain and simple. It worked out well!

I started lifting after I got out of the military at the age of 23. I was 5’9 137 pounds and wanted have more muscle.

The physical change greatly improved my self-confidence in all areas of life. It’s the best thing I ever did.

Never did it to impress girls, but it is a nice bonus. :slight_smile:

I was 145 skin and bones. Tired of being weak! 2 yrs later 170 and getting stronger tho I am not much interested in size anymore.

I also just enjoy strength training.

Also the fact that I always felt a creative individual should develop the body along with the mind and that each could enhance the other some of my favorite writers were athletic - kerouac, Mishima, Hemyingway, London, etc.

Sports had Everything to do with why I started.

The Lord Blessed me with a big frame at 15 years old, 6’2" 240 lbs. so with the help of high school coaches and later college coaches in football and track and field I got up to 6’4" 280 lbs. currently at 21 years of age.

And if i hadnt played sports id still have two non surgically altered knees to stand on

try being 6’1 120… not very fun.