Why did you start lifting?

I was just wondering what was the main reason that other people started lifting in the first place. As for me, I have the shallow reason that a hot girl told me she liked guys with big shoulders. So I learned a bunch of basic information, got some training from my dad, got some big shoulders… and lost the girl. But the result of me loving to lift was worth the loss.

So what about the rest of you?

To get my body proportioned with my extremely large penis. No, really I wanted to just look better, more attractive nekid and that is still my main motivation.

I was 135lbs at 5’11" when I graduated high school. Everyone always thought of me as the “skinny kid.”

I love to run into someone from back then and see their reactions:

“You look…different.”
“Wow, you grew.”
“You been working out?”

Plus I get a lot more tang now.

for basketball & to become freakishly strong.

because everything else in life is too damm easy. lifting is the only thing in the world where hard work doesn’t equal results. If I want an A on an exam, I will just study harder than everyone else. If I want a big chest, I just can’t lift more than everyone. It is a challenge, finding that perfect balance which will yeild the greatest results.

sadly I started for a girl too. Now its just girls in genral. Lifting soo pays offs ( last week a girl i didnt even know pinched my ass )

I started lifting so I could fulfill my lifelong dream of being on the cover of “Men’s Health” magazine. (snicker)


I started lifting for football. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to professional football. However, I just kept on lifting.

Now, it comes in handy. I love to intimidate the wife-beater wearing weenies in the gym. You know the type. They lift on Friday nights. They only lift arms and chest. They wear “gear.” They spend their gym time talking about training. You will hear priceless gems like, “When I was in high school I could lift …” Or, “I’m just getting back into it…” It’s fun watching them watch me. You can see the realization dawning on them that there is no way they could beat me in a fist fight. That is priceless.

It’s fun during arguments as well. If another male starts down the road of personal attack, I flare my shoulders and the noise stops.

I used to mop floors for hours. Hated it and became a computer programmer. I spend almost 12 to 14 hours a day in front of a computer. I got real fat. I tried jogging and hated it. Tried lifting. The rest is a result we all know. Better to lift than run.

Get chicks and be able to beat the shit out anyone that wants to start something.

Because people are nicer to you when they know you could kick their ass.


i saw a cartoon of a guy wrestling a bear and wanted to be able to do that too.

To improve.

The first time I started lifting for modeling, I had to get in shape. Then I quit (you guys will really love this one) because my girlfriend said I was getting too big! (not at all true, of course) Now (about one and a half years ago) I started lifting again because I miss the stares I used to get on the beach.

I used to weigh an awesome 130 lbs. when I was 22. Now, I’m 191 and I was almost at 200 at one point. I guess I just wanted to feel better about myself.

I began lifting in order to build some self respect. 50 lbs later I am still loving the journey.

Awesome replies! As for me, I started lifting because I wanted to look like Vin Diesel.

Just copy and paste sugarfree’s reply.

Hey everyone. First time poster.

I started lifting about a year ago to improve the way I look and to imporve my general health.
As far as improving my physique, when I first started out I weighed 132 lbs. at 5’7". I was pretty skinny to say the least. Now I’m up to 152 lbs and am looking much better. My confidence in my looks has also imporved and that has helped a lot in the lady department.
The other reason was for my health. I’ve spent most of my life doing bad things to my body such as drugs and alcohol. I was really bad with the booze but I am now clean and have been for 4 years. I used to be a smoker also but now I have now been smoke free for 9 months.
So when I started doing things that were good for my health, lifting and working out seemed like the next step for me.
Now, when I look back at my life I realize how much better of a person I am now both physically and mentally. I really enjoy doing things that are healthy for me and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. More strength, more energy, more stanima and more charisma!
I’m glad that I have stumbled upon this site as it’s immense wealth of information as well as it’s members and your inspiring stories.



I was a fat piece of shit. Still am i guess. I was ~300lbs when i was 17-18 yrs old in terrible shape. I’m now about 250, give or take, at 5’8"ish and want to be big. Really big. Bigger than any of you. LOL !

Seriously though, now I just want to be able. Be able to do whatever is required of me. And then some. That is my current reason for lifting. To be big and strong. (I just wanna be big and strong.)