Who Grows a Fruit/Veg Garden?

You don’t need any protection from deer. birds, etc?

It’s fenced in but, I did build a scarecrow last week to keep that asswipe deer out. Little asshole ate the first onions I planted.

Just 1 deer? I have 20 in my front yard every night. Back yard is fenced so they are not in there. We are thinking of doing something in pots since we have NO TOPSOIL at all and live on a rock pile.

We have several in the yard at times. They seem to make the rounds in the neighborhood because most have deer feeders. It just seems to be one set of tracks that actually jumps the fence into the garden. It’s not like there is nothing to eat right now with the rain we have had.

Nothing wrong with a container garden. I saw a really nice set up the other day online wish I would have saved the pic. You are definitely handy enough to build something like it.

Something like this


Still trying, still behind schedule from where I hoped to be. Got a bunch of stuff in the works, mostly stalled as seedlings.

Regrowing Romaine and celery from scraps.

Where most stuff gets started, then plateaus a bit after coming up. Seems like plenty of light all day, not sure if it’s a temperature thing, a water thing, a food thing. I just picked up some fertilizer/liquid food and gave them one shot of it so far. Hope that helps. Eggplants, bell peppers, lettuce, tomato, basil.

Some red onions that were starting to sprout in the house, I separated them and threw them in the ground to see if they want to grow out.

Put some starter potatoes outside a few weeks ago. First round of 'lil itty bitty greens are shooting up. Nice.

Trying Brussels sprouts again. Just one in the container instead of the five or so I overcrowded last year. Think I need to thin one of these guys out, but they felt like they’re attached under the soil.

We also picked up a blueberry bush from the nursery a few days ago but haven’t done anything with it yet.

I think the biggest thing I need to wrap my head around is it being a numbers game. Like, if I want to grow a tomato, I don’t just start one or two tomatoes. I need to start like a tray of them to have a better chance of a good end result. That, and the figuring out the light-temp-water-food balance are the stumbling blocks.


The eggplants and bell peppers like it hot. Tomatoes warm, the lettuce wants to be cool.
Tomatoes need at least 8 hours a day of direct sunlight.

If it makes “fruit” it needs full sun, greens can grow in shade.

Seedlings don’t need any fertilizer until they start putting on real leaves, not the starter leaves.

Let the soil dry out before watering. Keeping the soil to wet will increase your chance of getting fungus gnats, and those little bastards can kill all your seedlings.

@Chris_Colucci have you tried this? It makes a lot of tomatoes but no telling what kind you’ll get because many commercial tomatoes are hybrid, but it’s fun anyway. I planted some tomatillos like this too.

I think I’ve seen that video before. I had to laugh at the idea of, “How do you grow tomatoes? Well, first you take a tomato and…” Chicken and egg, much?! Ha. the idea sounds solid as long as they’re not GMO, or they are heirloom, or whatever it is that makes store-bought stuff able to reproduce.

Anyhow, those other tips sounds great. I’ll shuffle some stuff around and see what’s what. Thanks.

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It starting to shape up. Some seed are sprouting inside.
Garden bed need to be filled. And missing 8 smaller black round bed.
Soil has arrived. But we still have frost over night.


Finally starting to come together

Planting it is the easy part, now comes the hard part lol

A friend gave me this small starter box. It finally hot so why not fill it with jalapenos, cayenne, and bell peppers. Also started some eggplant, cherry tomatoes and habanero.

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Looks like you have a large area. How much space do you have?

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My mom and dad fenced it off when they bought the place back in the 90s. I have never measured it but it’s somewhere around 100"x40’. Too damn big when it gets dry and you have to use a hoe. :rofl:

We have an acre but its pure rock. Even have exposed bedrock.

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We have 3.5 acres. Part is on the hill and part is creek bottom. Lots of rock on top of clay on the hill. Some of the soil is real sandy in the bottom.
So, in the garden I have three different types of dirt, sandy, some decent garden soil in the middle, and rock hard on the upper end.

If I had a market for turnips I would be okay… lol

My neighbors made some nice raised beds they grow quite a bit in. Maybe an option.

There are plenty of used protein tubs ( like they feed cows) over for free. You can plant couple tomatoes in each one of those with a cage.

Its in the planning stages, However, some of our plans can last for years before implemented! LOL


Haha, we’re back to our annual “raised beds” planning conversation. There is a non-zero possibility that this is the year it will actually happen, given the circumstances.

We don’t plant until late May, so there’s still plenty of time to either do it or…not.

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Our 2 foot tall tomato plants behind office now have flowers, even with a resident rabbet and occasional deer.

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Tomato vines are actually poisonous so not many animals will eat them.

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I’m going to do a mixed bed of flowers and herbs like basil and lemon balm, maybe some peppers and a couple of ornamental tomato cages.

And probably something with pumpkins. Kiddo wants a pumpkin patch like Spookley came from.

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I’m one of them. :smiling_face:

Highly allergic. Love tomatoes though. One of life’s little practical jokes!

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You eat tomato vines?