Which Diet?

Hi, i was wondering what type of diet shoud i use.Currently i’m 172cm high, 70kg weight, estimated bodyfat 13%.Wanna go to 9-10%.
For the past two years i lost ~30kg using a low carb diet but since i began lifting i don’t have enough energy.

Just tell me what type of diet to use i’ll do the rest :slight_smile:

i like the t-dawg 2.0 diet as a solid year round diet. that is the one i recommend to all. I’m currently doing a low carb low calorie diet during the week to try and lose that extra stuburn abdominal fat. It’s a slow process but i’m improving. I have not had any issues with training performance. Are you supplementing properly and are you consuming enough protein and healthy fats? That might be a key to your current low carb diet. laters pk

My current diet plan is working great! It focuses on overall health and my current goal of getting shredded.

  1. I eat protein with every meal.

  2. I eat fruits and/or veggies with every meal.

  3. I eat healthy fats from a variety of sources.

  4. I control my portion sizes.

  5. I eat every 2.5-3 hours (5-6 meals a day).

  6. My dinner primarily consists of protein and green veggies (no carbs).

  7. I use Surge post-workout.

  8. I rely primarily on whole foods, but I use Metabolic Drive when needed.

  9. I only drink water and plenty of it.

  10. I bust my ass with my Renegade workouts.

  11. My supplements include HOT-ROX Extreme (2 per day), fish oil caps (Flame-Out when available), Surge and Metabolic Drive (low-carb) when needed and Metabolic Drive bars when needed. I’m currently not using a multi-vitamin, but I may add one back into my diet again soon.

  12. My eating habits primarily follow Precision Nutrition and JB’s “Get Shredded” diet (even though I’m not technically following that diet, I happen to already be eating very similar to what he recommends).

I’m taking 3gr/kg body weight protein
Carbs are complex (oats) - 0.8gr/kg body weight
Fats are from olive and fish oil, some of them (small amount) are from cheese.
I consume protein at every meal and veggies at breakfast,lunch and dinner.No fruits.
The carbs are consumed early in the morning.

Supplements in use:
custom stack - Synephrine, caffeine, EGCG, Yohimbe bark extract
I was thinking to go with the carb cycling codecs or with a 40/40/20 diet.