where is my power rack?

How 'bout this? Walking into our 24Hour Fitness and going to the power rack (our 24Hour useto be a Golds Gym…)and seeing two women performing their “intructor approved” toning exercises at the power rack. Just happened the other day. We didn’t ask them to move, but you could tell, as I squated 275lbs, that they wanted to scream “don’t you know that’ll make you look like a man?!” at me…he he he

stick your foot up his ass, TMAN style

A power rack is also there for you to squat safely. Maybe the insurance company would like to know the gym has removed one of the safety features, but continues to have the other powerlifting equipment. Sounds like all you powerlifters need to get together and speak to the owner as a group and discuss your contracts. If this doesn’t work, go as a group to another gym and see if you can get a group discount, or buy out the equipment and use a basement or garage. Good Luck!

To start a new gym seems to be the best ide I have seen on this tread yet, buy or try to trade your refunds on the members fee for the equipment that is in storage.

Thank you for all of your responces. I am not going to demand a refund like some of you said, but i have found a corner of the gym which I will do my three lifts (without caring about how cut or (swole, give me a break) my legs look like, but I have voiced my opinion to the gym owner along with the other p-lifters. We basically told him that we wouldhelp him build a new room for our needs. If he does not comply with this request, I will have to find another place to lift. If anyone lifts in the S.F bay area prefarably in San Mateo county please post something! HORACE<

Thats just plain fucked up!Thank you.

What the F, you did not ask for your money back?
You should be posting on E-mag.

Where’s your power rack? Oh, that’s easy. It’s on earth, but you have died and gone to hell. You must have done something pretty bad in your lifetime…