Whats Really good foreplay

Draz - I think lots of women hate swallowing because cum usually tastes pretty bad and has the exact consistancy of a mouthful of snot. mmmmmmmmm. However, I figure since it’s in my mouth anyway I might as well just swallow it. I like giveing head and that is the most

Man you guys are missing out. My girl actually likes it and I figure it has a couple of medicinal purposes. Cure of a cough, as well this is how she gets her post workout protien. heh heh But really though I was listening to a “sexologist” and she said that it tastes better if you drink a lot of water and are in good shape. Good luck in all your quests for better head. My work here is done.

I agree about messy sheets issue. Cuddling after sex is nice but I am not a big fan of wallowing around in a bed full of various body fluids mine or not. Exchange of body fluids is OK just like many other things during sex but I do not especially like it out of the context. Anyway, it may be a turn on, but I somehow think it is more about proving something than anything else. You are going to cum anyway, she gave you a lot of pleasure and this might be a nice final touch - but many guys act like it is an end of the world if the woman will not swallow.

I had an inverse situation happen to me. The woman tried to kiss me immediately after a blow job, with her face and lips full of you know what. I guess this was “proving things” situation, but going in the opposite direction - “I showed you mine, now I hope you’ll show me yours”. You can bet I was not too crazy about that scenery either but handled it in a prudent manner, wiping the stuff gently off her face with my both hands looking deeply into her eyes, but not too thoroughly - did not want to be too unappreciative - and then kissing her. :wink:

since this post has diverted to that of oral sex i will for one tell you i love giving it because i fucking rule at it and am still waiting to receive it well enough to put the “it’s so damn good” stamp on it. a lot of women are not confident in their oral sex capacity of giving because they suck at it, pardon the expression. read “sex tips for straight women from a gay man”. then laugh your ass off first. second, try what the book suggests, and then run around the room naked after your man has exploded yelling, I am the shit! I am the shit!

I am really into foreplay but the one thing I do not like is if I make love to someone andthey just up and out after. I want to stay there for a while, and just stay quiet, and just listen to the other person breathing, esp. if i care about them. Sometimes I’ve cried but it wasn’t becaue the sex it self was good(i’m still waiting for good sex too,) but because i know i did somethingmeaningful to me. and that’s it.

I am the shit! I am the shit! hahahahah

I think Michelle should get her man on lots of Clomid.

Now to the real question… a bottle of vodka and some roofies then it should last as long as you want. heh heh J/K

Chris - huh?? (Went right over my head snicker)

Clomid – increased seminal volume. And let me say from personal experience, that it is a shocking difference.

I thought it was funny how this went fromforeplay tips to seeing how many women swallow. Personally I have never had a girl that swallowed. It does not bother me. As long as the deed is performed I am happy. As for the foreplay question, in my advice it is anything goes. Really. It is always good to build up suspense throughout the day, and as soon as they come through the door get after it.As far as length of time: How much you got. It also depends on the mood. I get the entire body involved when it comes to foreplay. Why not? I always love to go down south. I think that I am in a class of my own when it comes to eating pussy. I am particular about who I do it for. But if I get my lips on hers, then it is over.

Your post has me laughing so hard I’m crying. “I am the shit!” LMAO.

Australian foreplay: “Brace yourself, Bridgette”
American foreplay: VISA gold card

the best part of the whole thing is looking up into the eyes of the “victim” with the i am so innocent look on your face, knowing that in just about 20 minutes or less(yes believe it that’s how good) i will be running ar4o9udn the roomj yelling … I AM THE SHIT! of course it’s been a while so i am a bit rusty. I so will be ready for it the next time. Only I will be prepping the next one with “My shit is rusty! My shit is rusty!” Yet, like riding a bike, I’ll be sure to get the hang of it. I’d also like payment in the forms of bubble baths and massages. Usually it’s been, “He shoots(get it?), he scores, and that’s the end of the game”, no victory jog. I want my frickin victory jog, I AM THE SHIT!

A pizza and a six pack!!