What Sparked Your Passion in Bodybuilding?

I also like the feeling of having people look at me with envy of my size. Not to mention the power of dominance it makes me feel.

I was big but weak before i started bodybuilding.
Now im strong, muscular and big!

and ofc for pussy.

Sophomore year in high school, i was 115 pounds. At High School baseball tryouts, we were tested on 1RM Bench Press and on Dips, and i was completely embarrased even though I made the team. I could barely bench the bar 5 or 6 times. Dad has just spent some serious dime on tons of dumbbell, plates, and equipment…no machines or any other bullshit…that he set up in the basement, so I went to work.

1 year and lots of hard work and dedication later, I went into tryouts at 145 (up 30 pounds) my 1RM Bench was at 255 and I did 27 dips. Only guy on the team that benched more was the middle linebacker on the football team that had 6 inches and 50 pounds on me. Shocked the shit out of the coaches and everyone in the gym that day.

Ever since then, I get off on wowing people when they see what a little 5’ 6’’ guy can do…but mainly for the pussy.

I was tired of being a skinny runt and i thought if i gained ten pounds i’d be happy. Then i thought well maybe ten more. Then i thought well shit i’m still a wimp and can’t lift the heavy weights, so maybe ten more. Now i’ve decided ten is a shitty number and i’ll be happy with 30 more.

edit and of course pussy… :stuck_out_tongue: ha

[quote]Hagar wrote:
Be honest, your all doing it for pussy. [/quote]

At first that was definitely one reason of many. Now I Just do it because I like it. It’s nice to think that when I started my I couldn’t db bench press 45 lbs and now that is easy stuff, and other such things. Girls love guys who db bench press.

I broke my left arm in high school playing rugby, I was 15 years old. I use to play left wing, a strong wind could have carried my skinny ass to the try line. I was advised by the doctor to speak to Gerhard Jordaan, he is the Biokineticist of the Sprinkbok rugby team. He assisted me to rehabilitate my injuries. I have never looked back ever since.

I also like it when my body makes a statement of its own. Saying “I could physically disect you with my bare hands if I chose to.” Its also threatening to everyone that doesn’t like or doesn’t know you. I could go on forever.

I started 23 yrs ago at age 13. I was always smaller than everyone else my age. Got picked on all the time by the big corn-fed redneck kids at my school.
Payback time!!!

[quote]Hagar wrote:
Be honest, your all doing it for pussy. [/quote]

You mean there are other reasons?

my first girlfriends mom called me fat one day, almost punched her, its been 5 years since then and I’m heavier now then i was then, and with 20% less body fat. And besides that, who needs much more motivation then to think, women like seeing me naked and i like tossing them around naked, its the t-mans credo! So yes, Hagar, I am doing it for pussy, and it serves me well.

My then fiancee won me a free 3 month membership to a Jack Lalanne “gym” and I started going for her. Being tall ans skinny my whole life it never even occurred to me that it would have any effect on my physique whatsoever. I had ZEE_ROH idea of what I was doing, but kept hearing everybody saying [quote]“no pain - no gain”[/quote] so I pushed n pulled on stuffed until it hurt.

Much to my utter shock I started making some small, but noticeable gains. The day I stood in the mirror in the locker room and saw that this was actually working the bug hit me. I immediately began to wonder what would happen if I figured out what the hell I was doing.

when i was 14 i saw the documentary “pumping iron” on tv. i was blown away by those guys, especially arnold–that night i did pushups, and a few days later bought a 110 lb weight set. i’ve been exercising ever since (that was 1980).

I look at weightlifting as therapy to release my anger. Kind of like fighting. I feel a lot better afterward.

I was sick of being the fat kid.