What has given you your best gains so far?

Keep a workout log. It makes no sense to me to go lift and have no idea what you did last time. I have yet to start a food log, but I’m planning to soon…speaking of which, what info do you put in a food log? just what you ate and how much, or do you list the nutrients, etc?

Where do you get Dietwatch program? I went there and signed up but could not find the program you are talking about? Could you let me know how to get it?

Eating more! Made up a couple of daily diets and stuck to them like glue. Now I’m startin’ to look like a huge MoFo… [grin]

I’ve started early morning 30 min jogging (or more like rapid walking). It wakes my body up like a kickstart, burns fat and even seems to accelerate my recovery!

Sorry CJack, i have been using the program for like over a year, so i downloaded it so long ago. Although just do a search and i’m SURE you will find it. The first time you use it you have to be connected to the internet, then from then on you can use it anytime.
I’m telling all of the T-Men to get this program, its so easy and i really dont know where i’d be without it.

I tried downloading Dietwatch and it said it was currently not available for download.

Go to ftp://ftp.dietwatch.com/ You will find it there. Use an anonomous login.

The most productive thing I’ve ever done is adopt the “every bodypart once a week” program. I used to try to combine my bodyparts and do the usual CHest/biceps, etc. but that yielded crappy results for the smaller muscles that came second. Instead, I jacked up the volume in every workout to at least 15 sets of different angles and exercises (all iron, no machine shit) and kept the rest times short, for a one hour long brutality spree. I use low reps in every set for the duration of the workout.

Another couple of useful things I adopted: anytime you see a chin up bar or a set of dip bars… get to work! Buy one for your crib, even. That way, during the commercial, you can crank out 3 or 4 back to back sets of chins/dips. That got my pecs and back nice and thick, in addition to the regular workouts. The other thing is to buy “Blood n’ Guts: The Video” and adopt the mentality of “WWDYD” - What would Dorian Yates do?? Obviously, when you’re tired and are debating whether to do your 20th set of chest, thinking WWDYD will get you revved up and supercharged to pump the fuck out of the weight.

I had to keep a one week diary for my nutrition class. I realized I was only eating like 2500 kcals per day with about 220g of protein. so i started eating over 300g per day and eating more fat to up my calories. then i blew up.

Had a surgery.
The doctors discovered that I has Crohns dissese and removed a bit of the intestins. So at the tender age of 17 I gained 1,5 inch in lenght and 66 lbs in weight in 6 months.
Last year I lost 33 lbs because of the same dissese but that´s a different story. :frowning:

Hardwork. Heavy weights, low reps, many sets. Basic exercises. More protien and calories.

I started training HIT. and Hardcore how do you get up for your 20th set by watching dorien? he trains HIT(atleast kinda HIT, he can handle a little more 'cause he probably spends like 10k a month on juice) dorien has probably never come close to 20 sets in a workout for any bodypart