what does sex drive mean

Does sex drive mean desire to have sex, or ability to last longer in bed?



it means driving while boinking. although i havce never tried it, it’s a guaranteed wreck of a time.

I always thought it was the time spent in the car on the way to a bootie call :slight_smile:

Okok…it means desire for sex - how often you want it.

Sex drive: that’s when you take a woman for
a drive somewhere … and you end up having
sex while your still in the car driving …
and then you get into an accident … no,
wait, that’s not right … :slight_smile:

bend over and let me demonstrate! LMAO!

You young T-Men don’t know anything. Sex drive is a woman speeding the 405 in LA having sex on a Hurst shifter. Sheeeesh. Gotta teach you everything.

If you have to ask you don’t have any

thanks for the comment idiot