Water weight

All these reports of 3 lbs gained, 4 lbs gained, in one week are meaningless.
My weight routinely swings 4 lbs a day just based on water retention or elimination.
Here’s an example:
Saturday: 208
Sunday: 211
Monday: 207
Tuesday: 210.
I figure anything other than a three-day average is a meaningless figure. -

Under normal conditions I’d agree with you. But when the weight suddenly fluctuates 4 or 5 lbs UP from your normal high fluctuation and doesn’t come back down and there’s no visible or measurable increase in water retention or fat then something is definitely going on.

I know what you mean! I am particularly sensitive to foods that can cause water retention, and in a meal or two of those, I get back to my hated jiggly, loose, thick-skinned look. During the weekends, when I eat whatever I want (I diet very strictly M thru F), I bloat up to whale size and gain some 5 or so lbs, literally. This weight is easily lost from dieting during the week. I could go and say that I gained mass, but it’s obvious that the mass gained is nasty looking subcutaneous water.

i tend to agree with you, in fact i am a person that posted a 4lbs weight change, but you see, i would not of made a post about it if i believed it to be water weight. the situation is that my wieght has been 176 for a good two months, maybe a pound difference here and there, but nothing major, but all of a sudden, after a week of massive eating it went up 4 pounds…that is why i was questioning the wieght increase.
by the way it is still about 180…
water weight would decrease.