Vegetarian diet

So soy is bad. Then what should a vegetarian like me use to get enough protein?

Beef… just kidding:)

Eggs, whey, nuts, cottage cheese. I’m assuming that you’re not a vegan. If you are, good luck, you skinny freak.

In my opinion,they should reconsider being vegetarian in the first place or start getting into another hobby like gardening or stamp collecting. There is no reason in this world why somebody should not be if not omnivore then at least lactoovovegetarian. Btw. ever heard about protein shakes, whey and/or casein based?

Cottage cheese, milk, whey protein, yoghurt, eggs, cheese. Are all high quality proteins
but if youre a vegan you can tget any of them.
beans lentils bread and pasta etc are ok.
Im vegetarian and dont find it that hard to meat my daily needs. Ive done some research and 1.8 grams per kilo perday is pretty much all that most people will need. so for someone 85 kilos(187 lbs) you would need about 150 grams of protein.
It will be hard but can be done. Getting your protein on a mass phase is pretty easy but on a cutting phase it will be VERY monotonous and borring.
Here are some stats from things I have in the fridge
500 grams low fat cottage cheese
61g P 11 g F 14g C 400 cals
Natural Yoghurt 500grams
30g P 1g F 49 g C 300Cals
Skim milk 1 litre
35g P 1g F 49g C 350 cals
Skim milk powder 1 cup (equivalent to 1 litre)
35g P 1g F 49g C 350 Cals
These are high in protein and kinda low in total energy. If you had all these things in one over the course of the day you would easily get you protein needs(assuming you not very heavy and/or you do eat other stuff as well)

Oh and a question
Does anyone know if soya flour is a soy product and if it has those phytoestrogens.

Meat. :wink:

DocT- I found that pretty ironic, too. You beat (or was it beet?) me to the punch…

rice protein powder, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios, lentils, navy beans, almond butter, peanut butter, chick peas, pinto beans.

Thanx for the info guys. I get most of my protein from lentils and beans -these don’t have phytoestrogens do they?

Start eating tuna. If a fish had a chance, it would kill you too!

What type of vegetarian are you. I to am a vego (lacto ovo) and will be looking for recipes and other stuff.
If I see any good recipes ill post them for you

Eat fish, nuts, legumes, protein powder when bulking and of course as much as P…y as you can handle

I am not a vegan. Just don’t eat meat.

Consume creatine! Studies have shown that vegetarians respond much better to creatine than meat-eaters. (and it isn’t extracted from meat!) I’m considering about making the transition myself… It will take a while and be quite painful (since I eat about 3 or 4 steaks a week) but I think that it will help cure me of several health probs I have. Read all of Bill Pearl’s books. The transition sure helped his health considerably -and his physique remains in statuesque-shape. As you said soy is bad. Avoid soy milk, soy cheese, soy butter, soy protein powders and all other processed soy products. These contain natural toxins or antinutrients. However, not all soy is harmful. It can be quite good for you whenever it is fermented. Try miso, tamari or tempeh. And does anyone know a way for us non-farmer, city boys to get ahold of raw (that’s unpasturized, non-homogenized) milk to get ahold of raw milk? I’ve always wanted to try it out, but never been able to obtain it. Maybe I should try the black market. Any dealers out there that can get me some “fine Jersey white” would be greatly appreciated. And finally good luck with your bodybuilding/vegetarian plan! Can’t wait to start myself!

venom333 I know it has been mentioned several times that soy is bad, but do they mean the concentrate or the isolate. I understand why soy concentrate is counterproductive (b/c of the phytoestrogens), but I believe soy isolate (which does not contain phytoestrogens) would be an OK protein source.