Unscheduled drugs

Can anyone give me a difinitive answer on the legality of importing a limited supply of an unscheduled drug for personal use. Everything I read seems to indicate it is Ok. To be specific, I am thinking of ordering Clomid and Nolvadex. I can find no evidence of anyone getting into legal trouble for these two. Am I right, or just not looking in the right place?

I’m bumping my own mess. in the hope that Bill Roberts or one of the boys will see and answer. I am ready to pull the trigger but need to have this settled befor I do.

My understanding is that a 90 day supply of a non scheduled drug can be imported legally for personal use only.

I think Bill Roberts has talked about this before (or maybe it was Brock) either at this board or in their columns at T-mag. There’s nothing illegal about ordering Clomid. I think that was the gist of it.

i wonder if this applies in canada

Ok guys dont hold me to this but i think the official stance on importing prescription items like Clomid and what not, is still in the grey/black area of buisness. Officially i think it may not be legal, but the FDA has a policy of letting people go who have less than a significant supply- which is an subjective measure deamed a “90 day supply”. If they however think that you have more than a 90 day supply, i know you cannot say “oh its for 90 days - so its legal” because its not. Furthermore I dont know the repurcusions of getting caught importing prescription drugs… I am sure Bill Roberts knows much more on the subject.

Anyone can order unscheduled drugs for personal use, up to a 90 day supply. However, these drugs are unscheduled but in the united states they require a perscription from a medical provider of some sort. So it is possible that the FDA or Customs could check the package and request that you pick it up at which time they may or may not require you to provide proof that the items were prescribed for your use.

Yes, order a reasonable amount, 90 tabs
or less, and the worst that can happen is
that they will seize it and send a letter
telling you that you have the right to claim
it and giving the procedure. If you don’t
have a prescription from a US doctor, well,
then you lost about $90 or whatever. Generally
it would just go through. You will not have
committed any crime even if it is seized.

This is unlike the case with scheduled drugs
where importation, even for small personal-use
quantities, is illegal.

i could have sworn you still couldn’t order/import “prescription” drugs without an prescription from an American pharmicist (assuming you live in the states). maybe i am wrong. but if this is legal, i might have to get my hands on some clomid and the like. (i don’t want to take too big of risks)…