university sports eligibility (sp?) in Canada

Hey guys - I have one year of university at a small private school in Canada - I never played on a sports team there because there was no soccer or football teams because it was such a small school. Im not on the second year of a break from school - traveling and making money so that I can afford to go back (meaning if I was still in uni Id be in year 3). Does anyone know the eligibility rules for Canada? When I go back to school will I still be eligible to play sports for a couple years? or will I have full eligibility because I never played on a university sports team beforehand? Thanks for the help if anyone know how this works.

sorry - that should say I am “now” on the second year… not “not”. Anybody know?

I am fairly (almost 100%) sure that you will have all five iears of elgebility left.

I played varsity football in Canada. You have 5 years of eligibility and you can pretty much use them at will. Since you haven’t played yet, you still have all 5. Some sports may have age restrictions, but I know that football doesn’t. We had a guy on our team that was 32.

Thanks guys - so Ill have all 5 years left eh!! thats exactly what I was wanting to hear because when I go back I definetly want to get into either soccer or football. Soccer is by far my favourite sport and Im pretty darn good at it and its always been my little fantasy to play at the university or higher level. Thanks.