Understanding BJJ

Yup, another thread from the UG. This one popped up a few days ago but quickly got interesting:


Lot’s of interesting opinions being thrown around by experienced grapplers about the way they approach progression in skill. Also, Todd Duffee drops in on page 6-7 and offers his opinion.

Seems like it’s split up between ‘chess players’, the guys that think ahead while rolling and drill a lot, and opportunistic rollers, those that barely think and ‘go by feel’. I’d put myself in the second category, though I do like to break down positions before hand when I attempt new things.

When I stop to think is usually when I get caught. I just keep moving, try to stay fluid, usually it works out. But sometimes I run into guys who are so much better than me that they basically trick me into submitting myself haha

Same here. I’m a top player mostly, and while I do try to mix it up, I always attempt the same high percentage maneuvers from the top. It’s gotten to a point where I can catch a kimura/armbar from most angles without thinking, just from the massive amount of practice I’ve gotten.

Off my back is a different story. I have to actually think about what’s going on, since I don’t have half the practice from there as from the top, though I’m sure that given enough time I’ll be going for armbars and triangles from the guard without a whole lot of thought.

@sardines that video is tremendous. Paul is one heck of a grappler to be able to tap out Mayhem.