Tren and Test

Please give advice on this cycle. It is my first cycle, I’ve been training for 8 years.
5 weeks of 500mg each - Sus-250 and Tren
Then 4 weeks of 100mg of Clomid daily and 100mg of Test weekly.

Will I need Nolva during the cycle? I have read conflicting advice that even though 5 weeks is short and Tren does not aromatize, I still should use Nolva. Also, is 4 weeks of 100mg of clomid too much? Thanks in advance for your advise/suggestions.


5 weeks is a pretty short cycle. I am assuming that the 100mgs of test for the following four weeks is a quasi recovery bridge. If your using a long ester test then you should wait a week or 2 before using the bridge or clomid.
What I’d do if I were you though would be to run the test at 600-750mgs a week. Run the tren at 75mgs a day. Both for about 7-8 weeks. Wait 2 weeks and start clomid at 300mgs first day. 100mgs daily for the first week and you could go 50mgs a day after or stay at 100 depending on your supply and reaction to it. Also I am assuming that your test is a long ester if not then start your PCT and bridge sooner whenever your current blood levels start to drop significantly. As for nolva? At the doses your calling for I don’t think it would be really critical but very smart to have on hand (actually I’d use it.) At the dosages I was describing I would either use it or clomid or anastrozole. Its still a relatively low dose but why risk it when the ancillaries are so cheap. Just my .02

Thanks, the conservative numbers are due to the fact that I have put on muscle fairly easily natural (until now). I’m not trying to get as big as possible, just gain 10 to 15 lbs. Not too much too fast.