To fast or not to fast

Have not been reading the exercise literature for at least 5 years. Back when I was, it was widely recommended for bodybuilders to fast 10 -12 hours a day (improve HGH release, cut body fat, amoung other things). Is this still considered valid?

I’m wondering what sources you got this information from, if you have any information on those suggestions let me know. Ori Hofmekler just wrote a book with many of the same concepts, called the Warrior Diet. It involves fasting for most of the day and having 1 huge evening meal. Many of the benefits he says come from increased GH, increased burning of bodyfat, better mental focus, detoxification, increased protein efficiency, etc. You can read the interview on the Warrior Diet here and order it through Amazon or Dragondoor. Most people here will recommend the 5-6 small meals per day, but I don’t buy it. The research hasn’t convinced me this is the way to it, it seems more a good way to sell MRP’s.

Pete69-years ago this recommendation - daily fasting along with the 5-6 meals a day was very widespread. It was tough because optimally you wanted to put at least 2 hours between the meals - which you can’t always do, so getting the 6 meals in and a good 12 hours of fast was tough. I’ve done it when I was in peak shape with good results. Much of what I am reading on this forum contradicts this- even the articles in the last issue of T-mag about waking up at night to consume more protein -(fasting was not even mentioned as an issue). If you pick up any Musle and Fitness mag over 8 years old I am sure you will see references.
Good luck

I read that fasting (no solid food) for 24hrs one day per week is good for cleaning out all the toxins in the body, but not 10-12 hrs/day every day. Did the article say why someone should fast every day?

dude fasting went out years ago due to the slowing of the metabolism, you body will start burning protein and the way you think due to very low blood sugar is not good and good dietician will tell you that. keep eating to get your goals and dont fast as this hampers your training as well as your goals.