Tipping point

Anybody read that book?

I recently saw the german movie The Experience that displayed changes in behavior when normal citizens were split in two groups (police vs prisoners) in lab settings. Funny thing is, everyday Joes found themselves doing things very outside of their usual character. And even more, it was based on a real-life experiment that was done some years back.

This is one of the examples of the book. Wondering if anyone read it. Apparently, it`s a huge seller.

I haven’t read the book, but I remember that study from psyche class. It was done at Stanford if I remember. They had to shut it down because it got too violent.

Also reminds me of the study where they hooked a guy up to fake electrodes and had volunteers give him a shock if he answered questions incorrectly. The premise was that there is something inherently wrong with German people that allowed the holocaust to happen. They were going to compare Americans and Germans, but the Americans were brutal. Some would continue to shock the guy even as he faked a heart attack and begged for mercy.


I guess we should never underestimate the inherent evil in some human beings!