Time for a little national pride...

Although Canadians and Americans are about as similar as two nations can get, when it comes to national pride and patriotism, we Canadians are generally a more laid back group. That is, except when it comes to hockey. Lets hear some shout outs people! We gave our American brothers a polite, good-natured whupping in one of the most entertaining hockey games I’ve ever watched. No hard feelings USA, we still love ya…

This is one happy Canadian here. People on the streets are going bananas! I love it. I’ve seen little kids waving flags, teenagers in pickup trucks driving around town honking their horns, it’s great! I think we definitely showed we are still the force to be reckoned with on the ice. I am very happy for the U.S. as well. They took quite a ribbing after Nagano. I look forward to the 2006 games when the new troops of Thornton, Iginla, Gagne, Heatley and Theodore travel to Italy to defend our crown. By the way, my prediction of a Canada, U.S. and Russia finish came out to be true. Truly a great show. Oh ya, props to our women as well, they really put the American women in their place.

I was at work, but we busted open a stereo we were selling & set it up so we could listen. The store was pretty deserted I guess because everyone was at home watching on tv. Woooo baby! Wooooo!! (Ric Flair style) :slight_smile:

this is one happy Canadian here :slight_smile: I was on a bus so i missed the game but some guy made a call on his cell during the trip and started to scream “YEAH”. Everyone on the bus knew that we had won at that point. I`m going to have to find a copy of the game on tape and watch it.

You americans treated all of our athletes so great at Salt Lake, I really grew to cheer for all of the athletes in the U.S, as well as my beloved Canadians, but if there is one thing I loved, it was seeing our Canadian men and women bring home the gold, it made me even more proud be Canadian, and we finally got the glory that we deserved!
It’s sounds funny, but in the time since Canada won the gold, I have never seen so much pride and patriotism in our country it is incredible! Flags are Everywhere its great!

It started getting busy in the store once the game ended. Isn’t that WEIRD??? So WEIRD!! :wink:

I’ve never had a game keep me wired like that!It was awesome.I’d have to say my favorite play of the whole game was when Lemieux let that puck slide by to Kariya!!Unbelieveable!!The best part caught on camera? I’d have to say after the game was over,Wayne Gretzky standing up and yelling “fuck ya”!!!Just some raw Canadian enthusiasm

I was playing in a poker tournament in Texas during the gold medal game and kind of watching it out of the corner of my eye. When the whole thing was over, the announcer said something cliche like “Canada is vindicated in the sport of their homeland. Now they go home in victory”

Quiet guy next to me looks up from the cards at the screen then looks back down and says, “But they’re still Canadian, aren’t they.” We had to stop the hand until everyone could stop laughing.

“but they’re still canadian aren’t they”. Thanks pete, I’m laughing right along with you redneck clowns cause I could’nt imagine being anything else.

Amen Magnus. Pete, that comment is absolutely ridiculous. I once had you in the upper echelon of respectful posters on this board.

Man, 'nucks are awfully touchy, huh? Lighten up, guys. Oh, and congrats on the gold. A nice touch to Gretzky’s career and a much needed boost to Canada’s national self-image.

“Much needed boost to Canada’s national self image” I think any Canadian that has travelled any where in the world would agree there is no boost needed.WTF are you talking about?Sit down!

Can’t you leave Canadians alone? Pete, your comment was completely offbase and typical of Americans. I mean, have you even been to Canada? Your idea of Canada is probably derived from drunken viewings of Strange Brew. And to chill, what makes you think the self-image of CAnada has a problem? Canada has a lot to be proud of even before the Gold medal game. At least we are not always throwing our military around the world to interfere in other people’s problems. If you have a problem with us, why don’t you get your redneck ex-governor to take care of it? I’m sure he’d like to deploy some special forces to get us back in line. Man, that’s the thing…CAnada has a quiet strength that we don’t need to trumpet all over the place like a cheap advertisement (i.e. Olympic opening ceremonies). Americans like you will never understand this because at the end of the day “YOU ARE STILL AMERICANS, AREN’T YOU?”

Are you kidding with that one?

I voted for that “redneck ex-governor.” I’m a little confused as to why you’ve painted him as a hair trigger war mongerer. The only military action he’s taken has been after 3000 or so of our citizens were killed. So, I’m not sure how you came up with that. Would Canadians not have fought back? No, I suppose not. They would have asked us to do it for them. Good day.


Mike ,your statement is just as idiotic as the other ones.As for your statement about America throwing around the military,I 100 % agree with the US.You’d be the first one bitching if they didn’t do something about it!Remember,Winston Churchill,he let Hitler go,and we know what happened there.Now,Mr. Tolerant,get a fucking grip.I don’t need anyone to fight my battles.Bottom line,NO american is better than canadians,and NO canadian is better than americans.Anyone who thinks they are,FUCK OFF!

Hello, Mike. I am an American. I have been to Canada many times. I have nothing but nice things to say about Canada. In fact, I think it is a nice place filled with nice people. I say hats off to the Canadian Hockey teams. They won fair and square.
That being said let’s get to the contentious points. I have no problem with you being proud of your country. In fact, I’d be worried if you were not. However, please do not get carried away by the hockey win. It has been 50 years since Canada won the gold medal in hockey. It is your national sport. I feel sorry for you. I cannot imagine if we could not dominate every country in our chosen sports. Let’s take baseball, volleyball, football, track, and basketball for example. How would Canada do? Would they win a single game against the United States? No. Does anyone else have a chance, ever? No. Do we go crazy when we win? No. We expect to win. Currently, a fraction of our people play hockey. Can you imagine if we made it a chosen sport? Of course, you know the result. Oh, by the way, do Americans play for the Canadian team? No. Do Americans switch their loyalties like that? No. Do Canadians? See Brent Hull.
I am only going to briefly touch upon the slam against our military. Just be happy that our Manifest Destiny only extended east and west.

I hope all Canadians aren’t like Wayne Gretzy. He is whining, crybaby. During the first few games, when Canada didn’t look so hot, all he did was whine about how everybody had it in for Canada. And then how Roman Hamrlik should get thrown out of the olympics for crosschecking crackhead Theo Fleury. Waaa, Waaa. Honestly, no one gives a fuck about Canada. I know how Canada’s hockey country and all but why are all your teams packing up and moving to the US. Quebec to Colorado. Winnipeg to Phoenix. Who’s next,Canucks?

While I will defend my patriotic views of Canada , hockey and fellow Canadians to the end. I do not agree with the shots taken by Mike(I believe ) at the american people, the military and you’re president. I’ve travelled a lot throughout the U.S and the majority of people I’ve had the chance to meet were friendly and curtious and made me feel like I was in my own country. In Nov. I travelled to Manhatten to attend a couple of firefighter funerals. I had never been to New York and expected the worst. I can honestly say I was never treated so well by total strangers in my entire life. It was truly a wonderful experience. As for you’re president and you’re military, their is no doubt about they’re present course of action being the right thing to do. The problem is, for some unknown reason the rest of the world only seems to get exposed to Americans such as Pete. The majority of the world is envious of the prosperity and freedom the U.S and Canada enjoy. People like Pete could take a lesson from Canadians and Americans who wear the advantage of prosperity and freedom humbly. You can be both proud of your country and humble at the same time. If this were done more often perhaps so much of the world’s envy of the U.S would not manifest itself in anger and even hatred towards Americans. There is no disputing the U.S’s economic, military and cultural dominance in the world. The classy thing to do would be to not shove it in other’s faces.
Oh, one little thing I have to add to the guy who said Canadians should thank god manifest destiny does’nt extend northwards. A little history lesson, It did in 1812 when the U.S tried to invade Canada.I know they don’t like to teach this in american schools but, The U.S got spanked. Ya, I know if it were to happen today Canada would end up a huge parking lot, but that does’nt change history. Anyhow, I hope this does’nt get viewed as a Canada hates U.S thread, because I think the majority of the Canadians on this forum would agree that our best friends are without a doubt the Americans. Hey we do have one big thing in common. Both our leaders can barely speak the english language.