Thyroid Levels of My Sister. Advice?

Recently my sister who is also an athlete check her thyroid and the results came back being close to the acceptable.
T3 1,37 from 0,58 to 1,59 ng/mL
T4 8,1 from 4,87 to 11,72 mg/dL
Tsh 4,19 from 0,35 to 4,94 mU*mL

I was just wondering if she can do anything to address it and make it lower especially the tsh as the doc said she hasn’t got a problem yet so she needs no medication but she must check it several times, and he gave absolutely no help saying just “if it is to the genes to happen it will happen”. Well it sounds pretty grey to me so I want to ask if there’s a doc here or some other woman that had dealt with the same issue before and can give some useful piece of advice?

What will happen?
Did they test for antibodies?

I think that the levels are okay…
It plays a huge role though how much kilos is your sister and the activity. Not so sure though.

Sorry to interfere but what the antibodies will show? I mean he already wrote the test results.
Just asking cause I’m not a doc :slight_smile:

I am not a doctor either. Even though TSH is in range, it is high. TPO/TSI testing would determine if Hashimoto’s or Graves or could be a factor.

The TSH stimulates the thyroid to produce triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). TSH levels may be varied by gender, age, and other factors also.
So, according to that report, it is high or low we need to know the age of your sister.
Also, I find this TSH chart level, might it will help you.