Thought after reading metro letter in Reader Mail

I have a lot of fucking shoes…

I don’t consider myself “metro” but I guess I have metro tendancies should I follow the criteria set forth by today’s society.

I own:
-work shoes
-workout shoes
-dress shoes (2 pair black, one brown)
-shower sandals
-hiking sandals
-kyaking shoes
-work boots (Materhorns)
-hiking boots (kick ass Danners)
-steel toed boots
-dress boots (doc martins)
-snow boots
-snowboarding boots
-fishing waders
-yardwork shoes (trashed workout shoes)
-kick-around shoes (airwalks)
-baseball cleats
-football cleats
-chucks (for squats/dl)
-cross trainers (for trotting trails)

Again, I don’t consider myself Metro, but I still have a lot of shoes, who else is with me?

Brad, most of your shoes are for sporting or work purposes so I wouldn’t say you have metro tendencies.

come on man, thats not what they are talking about.

I have black & white checkered slip-on vans/keds. What’s up now?

I have black & white checkered slip-on vans/keds. What’s up now?

LOL!! My friend bought some of those on ebay last summer. After I got my chuck taylors for squatting in, he thought he was gonna be all badass and go ‘oldschool’ too.

You’re fine Brad. As long as you own more boots than shoes, you’re a man’s man in my book.

I own 2 pair of dress shoes, 5 pairs of athletic shoes in various states of decay, and about 20 pair of boots. (Plus Waders!)


If you have mud, blood, oil, paint, grass stains, tar, mismatching shoelaces or growing fungus on any of those, regardless of the number, you are automatically disqualified from ‘metro’ status.



color me relieved

You have to be like me to be a metro, I have around 10 pairs of shoes. I have a number of slip-ons, loafers, mules, leather sandals, lace-ups, low-quarters and dress boots. You can’t have too many shoes and I don’t care what anyone thinks or labels me.

I own high heels, and fishnet stockings, but my wife won’t take me dancing, so I never get to wear them.

Women LIKE nice shoes on a man.I’ve heard alot women notice a man’s shoes.Good shoes = more poontang.

Wow. I own 2 pair of shoes. One pair of plain black wal-mart shoes, and one pair of rubber boots is use for anything. (Cutting wood, feeding cattle, working on my truck, shoveling snow, whatever.)

Oh who gives a shit. Labels only matter if you allow them to be applied to yourself. I could have a hundred shoes and a pink tutu and I still be all man. Fuck others with what they think.