Thinking of Entering Juniors Men's Physique Next Year

What’s your height/weight/age? You look like you’d probably be undersized for it.

If you want an honest accessment, you will have to post honest photos.


On stage, the lights are gonna be all the way on.


Honest take… you look young and lean. You have a great physique to spring board into stage IMO. Yeah you may be undersized a bit, but hell go for it. Even if you don’t place well you will learn a ton about what you need to improve.


I’m almost 70 kg but by late next year I aim to get up to 90 kg I’m also 18 and 6”0

Sorry forgot to post one without the filter here it is

Thank you blshaw I do plan on gaining a reasonable amount of weight before I step onto the stage if all goes well I’ll get up to around 90kg (200 pounds) by late next year

If you do some quick google searching you will see that there are not typically ‘thick’ guys in this class of competition. You may not have to gain all that much so long as what you do gain is quality and you stay lean.

Like I said above, you probably don’t need to gain 40-50lbs. Also, its unlikely that you would anyway. You look very naturally lean so putting on weight will be difficult in your late teenage years. A lot of guys don’t start getting thick until mid 20s.

Yeah that’s true I guess I’ll probably only set my goal to gain 20 pounds in lean mass that should be enough