Theory on Why UFC Will Not Co-Promote to Get Fedor

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Less than 5 years ago, fans and Dana were clamoring for a UFC-Pride co promotion, or at least the lending of fighters between orgs. This is when Pride was number one. Dana would constantly say it was all about the fans, givi8ng thme the best fights, etc etc Now, we have the recognize number 1 fighter in teh world, locked into a contract with anotehr org, and they’re supposed to give him up to the UFC.

If both orgs are providing equal value and product, copromotion makes perfect sense.

I didn’t say the UFC should co-promote. They shouldn’t, doesn’t make business sense. But if they’re doing everything possible to make the Lesnar-Fedor fight happen, then it seems like they would be ammenable to a 1 fight deal where Fedor could come in, slap Lesnar around like he’s a ho that owes her pimp money, and saunter out with no doubts left.
This would be just as stupid as co-promotion. It needs to be at least a break even proposition. They would have to make as much off of Fedor as they would lose by him beating whoever happens to be the champion at the time. They have considerable amounts of money in building up their brand and fighters. I doubt they could make enough off of one Fedor fight to cover the cost of potential damage to that brand.

At the time they were not offering equal value. Pride enjoyed a much higher standing and profit margin than the UFC at the time. Dana basically needed Pride to legitimate his fighters.

please. youre not even trying now. Yeah Pride was in great financial standing.[/quote]

This only highlights your own ignorance regarding the topic. Prior to losing their television deal, Pride was indeed generating revenue. Meanwhile, Dana and Co were just trying to keep the UFC afloat while being perpetually in the red.

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Sometimes people forget, UFC is a business, and Dana White is a businessman first, fight fan second. He is going to do what makes the most money, and won’t say it, but doesn’t give a fuck what we think if the price isn’t right.

The same people who are bitching about this are the ones who bitched when CroCop left to play out his career against second rate fighters, in front of his fans from Pride, in Dream or whatever he’s in.

It’s a fucking business. [/quote]

Cro Cop is in the UFC.

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lol your very bias OP.
It’s hard to believe what is true and not.
Supposidely that whole 30 million dollar contract is BOGUS anyway…they announced that there was no contract for 30 million dollars they had a good meeting but no ACTUAL contract was made for 30 million dollars and he turned it down.

I doubt they would even pay Fedor 5 million dollars per fight anyway…Seriosuly UFC doesn’t DO massive payouts like that. They give top guys half a mil. All ufc fighters will shit themselves if Dana gave Fedor 5 million…If Brock and Fedor fought…Fedor loses and gets 5 million…And brock gets 500,000 again? Okay not that lets even say a million. Not happening.

And you obviosuly have a deep love for Brock Lesnar seeing the picture and saying how he is going to dominate Fedor for 3 rounds and TKO him. Well a title fight would be 5 rounds…lol
Anyways and this

“Fedor vs Brock is the real life Rocky 4, and America doesn’t lose, we’ll free the shit out of your country”

grow up. [/quote]

floyd mayweather vs oscar del la oya… Ring a bell. Oscar lost and still got paid more then floyd.