The Israel War Thread

This should be a topic on it’s own.

Oct. 7 2023, we were reintroduced to who hamas and the palestinians who voted for those genocidal maniacs, really are.

Now we see the left, in true fashion call for the genocide of the Jews in public. Yet, they call someone who believes there are only 2 genders, a Nazi.

I wonder if they really hate hitler? I mean, the ideological similarities are uncanny.
Is it because hitler did not succeed in killing all the Jews? Is that why they claim to hate him? That’s the only thing I can see the left being upset about hitler with. If he was a different race and did the same shit, he’d be a hero to those assholes.

I have seen this movie before. The antisemitism runs deep and I always knew it. This is who the left is. They cheer criminals and terrorists and they hate people just trying to live their lives and want them to be beaten on the streets and raped in the subways.

We are on the precipice of allowing another genocide to take place. I am calling it out now.
The first casualty was a Jewish man beaten to death by hamas cheerleaders in L.A. Needless to say the media covered it up and the police do not care.

I draw no distinction from those who claim to be “Pro-palestine” and the raunchiest most disgusting antisemites in history. To stand “with palestine” is to stand with genocidal murderers.
You have no quarter with me.


Prophecies in scriptures are coming to light in our lifetime

whether you want to believe or not


It’s amazing how the media covers things up yet pat somehow knows about it.


That pesky media busy not covering news.

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Do you not see the irony here?


Maybe you don’t get that I don’t give a shit. I am tired of dancing between the rain drops pretending like there exists someone who is both pro-hamas and also cool with Jews being alive.
It’s bullshit and we all know it. the difference is, I do not call for violence. Just utter contempt and a lack of tolerance for awful ideas and those who hold them.


I wonder sometimes if it’s not being used as a playbook to bring this on. We live in very dangerous times. And it’s our fault.
It’s our fault because we have been too nice and to accommodating for bad ideas that have no place at the table. So, I will tolerate the tolerant, but I will give no tolerance if you have no tolerance. And I look at what you do, not what you say… (Obviously, I don’t mean you, specifically).


Well, there is a difference between being pro Hamas and pro Palestine. Sure some perhaps even most of the Palestinians support Hamas. Not all though. The average age in Palestine is 19. Hamas was elected in 2006. Since they have taken power, there hasn’t been elections. Many probably most of them (Palestinians) did not vote for Hamas.

I also do not think your view of what the left thinks is accurate at all. IDK where that is coming from. I’d bet it is held by a few, but that is a small minority.

I think the facts of the matter is that it just is a shit situation. I don’t want anyone not involved with Hamas in Palestine to be killed, nor do I want Jews to be killed. I’d say that is the majority position from those on the left, and the right side of the US political spectrum.


This is the same lie being pushed for years. It has never been true and it is not now.


And there never will be with Hamas in power…

We have to be honest here with this. Hamas is an insidious cancer like all terrorist groups and tolerating them is not the answer.

You either actively try to get rid of them or get lumped with them. I am not saying this is right, but it is what will happen when they are hiding amongst you and you know they are.

They are terrorists and cowards. They are going to hide in the places with the most vulnerable like schools and hospitals and then cry foul when collateral damage happens.


I agree with this. It is kinda what I was getting at when I mentioned it was a “shit” situation.

It might actually happen too (the regulars ousting Hamas) if enough of them die. IDK. It is shitty that many will die as human shields, but I do think it is one of those things that is just a reality of the situation.

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Same thing as during WWII, the germans living in germany and the nazis were the same…the germans knew what was going on

And the japanese people living in japan were the same as the empire of japan

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No, many did not understand what their government was doing. Especially rural Germans.

Also no. Nuking Japan was a war crime. I won’t get into if that was the right decision to make or not (that is quite the dilemma). However, saying those people deserved it is callous and wrong.

The towns knew about the aushwitz and daschau…thats why Patton made the townsfolk move the dead bodies

if we did not drop the atomic bomb…thousands of the american troops would have been killed going into tokyo

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Some did some didn’t. Saying that they all had the same level of understanding of what was going on is the error.

The result doesn’t make the Japanese who died deserving of it. We did a terrible thing and it had one good outcome (saving our own), and one terrible one (killing Japanese civilians).

War crimes do not exist.

If you win

This is all that matters in war besides winning.

Anyone who puts limits on what can be done to win in war is a fool.


That’s war

and to say.some did and some didn’t is a cop out

I understand why they did it. It is a dilemma I’ve thought about. What would I do if I was POTUS at the time type of thing. I probably would have dropped the bombs.

My point is more so that we did a terrible thing. Sometimes that is required in war. However, we shouldn’t feel good about it, or try to rationalize our way out of the reality that we nuked people that did not deserve it.

It is not. There is plenty of evidence that some did not. In addition, there were Germans that knew what was going on and went against the Nazis. You saying all the Germans are the same as Nazis and should all be lumped together and treated as Nazis is wrong.



War is hell and good for nobody except a select few that get richer.


Well guess what…we treated the Germans and the Nazis…since we can’t lump them together…with dignity and respect when they surrendered

they would not have done the same if the shoe was on the other foot

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