Testosterone lowering OTC drugs

My testosterone levels have dropped from 400 to 225 over the last 18 months and my Dr. is having me start testosterone replacement injections.
At bedtime I use 1000 mg of Tylenol 5 to 7 times a week and a dab of Voltaren gel on each knee for restless leg/arthritic knee pain. I also take CoQ10 nightly.
I’ve used this bedtime routine over those same 18 months and it’s greatly increased my comfort at night and my ability to sleep.
I’ve read that Voltaren and NSAIDs in general negatively affect testosterone production and levels.
I’m inclined to pause testosterone replacement until I’ve stopped using Voltaren and Tylenol for a few months and get my testosterone levels checked again.
What are your thoughts on my logic?

How old are you? What prompted you to get your test levels checked?

I’m 63 and I’ve been asking my doc to check levels for a few years now. They have stayed between 415 and 380 until this year when they dropped just below the low range.
To correct myself: Current Testosterone 245 and Free T 33.4
November of 2022 Testosterone 385 and Free T 60.6

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There are studies that show lowered testosterones in men from NSAID use but not sure to what degree.There is no harm in stopping the Tylenol and Voltaren to see if they have any effect but you are certainly at the age where one would expect to see lower test values. On the other side of the coin if this medication is helipng you why would you want to stop taking it and live in pain?
If you’ve seen a steady decline it might just be time.


1000mg of Tylenol a night?! Oh your poor gut!

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I used the Voltaren pretty liberally on both knees at first then I scaled back to just a dab. The pain is more of a restless feeling that keeps me moving and awake. I go thru spurts where I scale anti-inflammatory and OTC pain meds like Tylenol back just to give my body a break from them. Scaling back also seems to make them more effective when I need them. Everything has some negative side effect and some rebound effect when you scale back. All things in moderation. I can often go for a few nights without Volteran and Tylenol. Some nights I have to give in and use 1 or both. I’d like to scale back now so I don’t have T injections and other meds working against each other. None of this stuff is healthy if over used.
Thank you very much for your input. Especially the part telling me that I might just be getting old and nothing I’m taking or not taking may have caused the drop in T levels.
At 63 I’m still playing some softball with the younger guys. The 1 pinch runner per inning rule is my friend.

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