Testosterone Injection Dosage

Got bloodwork back from this week on peak day. My Test and Estradiol are still high on the 200 a week dose:

Test: 1050
Estradiol: 52

My doctor said he was going to start me on arimidex, but that he didn’t think they would allow me to get it since it isn’t an FDA approved use. He also said that insurance wouldn’t cover it, and it would be about $300 a month. Is everyone paying for arimidex out of pocket?

We concluded that witout arimidex the best answer would be to lower my dosage to 100 a week in attempt to lower the estradiol.

Arimidex used to be very expensive, about $9-$10 per pill. But the patent ran out. I get 90, 1mg pills at Costco for about $35.00. Dirt cheap.


It says “Not for Human Consumption” all over it. Just want to double check that I’m good to go.

Just got back from doc with blood work. I am 23, wrestler and former powerlifter and got a suprising score of 122. I feel like i am in the biggest hole possible. Figured it wouldnt be possible with great lifts and still at 210 with 9% bodyfat. They gave me the choice of injections, cream/gel, or patch…preferene that’ll work better than others?

Bump for my question. You around KSman?

Bump again for KSman. I got the anastrozone.

Just want to be sure that I am okay to use it despite it saying not for human consumption on the front. Going to do 8 drops EOD.

Nevermind, KSman. I went to an endocrinologist that took care of everything. What an awesome experience. If you are in Nashville go see Dr. Dauphin in Green Hills. He was all for twice a week at home injections as well as HCG and arimidex. Since I have primary hypogonadism he didn’t think HCG would help, but he immediately wrote me a script for test and arimidex.

He laughed at the notion of injections every 2 or 3 weeks and said 1 week bare minimum. I am now doing 75 test injections twice a week and .5mg of Arimidex EOD. Excited to see if I start feeling better and if we see my libido back to normal.

The not for human consumption is an attempt to create a legal loop hole. Thousands have used those products for years and lab work confirms effectiveness.

I’ve got one question.

Does it matter what days you take the Arimidex? Does it need to be taken on the day of injections?

Read your vial again…it should say: 200MG/ML

You are only taking .75 ML twice a week, that would be 1.5 per week. So you should only be filling your syringe to the mark half way between the 0 and the 1.5. That’s only about 7 lines down. Hope this helps.

I got it figured out. My doctor had me all set up to do 100mg/ml at home. The bottle they gave me said 200mg/ml. Glad I caught that before injecting. Headed to the compounding pharmacy to switch out vials.

You need to go back to the “Advice For New Guys” sticky and read it carefully. KSman explains the mg/ml very well under “Injections”. I have had to go back and read many of the sticky’s several times…this is a lot of information and it takes a while to digest it all.

Good luck and I’m glad you didn’t inject 1/3 of your vial…that could’ve been very interesting…

I’ve got a question. When measuring test in a syringe do you measure from the bottom of the “arrow” at the bottom of the plunger or do you measure from the last ring? The lowest point is the tip on the “arrow”.

You always measure it from the point closest to the needle to the top of the plunger where it contacts the sides of the the syringe. That is the amount of fluid that is in the plunger. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask “dumb” questions. There is a lot to learn and it makes it even harder when you have brain fog from Low T…


Just for the record…I was scared to death before giving myself that first injection. It wasn’t long however, until I was looking forward to the next one. Once you experience the improved QOL, it makes it all worthwhile.
You might try going to “you tube” and searching for “testosterone injections”…there are several good instructional videos that will show you how to fill the syringe and how to administer the injection in different locations. Keep reading the stickies on this site over and over…it will eventually sink in.


Thanks, brother. It was definitely a little strange the first time, but I’m getting the hang of it. Is it okay to do a 1" syringe in the glutes? You don’t need a 1.5" for that do you?

Yes, A 1" in the glutes is what I use. I actually use a 25g needle…it takes a little more time and pressure to get the T out of the syringe and into my glute, but you can’t even feel the needle going in. I am going to try the quads and am planning on experimenting with the SQ, but for now this is working great for me and the results have been amazing. Hope it works as well for you.

Jer. 29:11

I’ve been doing the quads with a 1" needle. Works just fine. They told me to rotate between my quads and glutes to reduce any possible muscle damage from injecting 2x a week.

[quote]OrangeWolverine wrote:
I’ve got one question.

Does it matter what days you take the Arimidex? Does it need to be taken on the day of injections?[/quote]

I split my injection dosage of Testosterone in half and take the first half on Monday morning and the second half on Thursday evening. I always take the Arimidex (anastrozole) the next day after the injection. I do the hcg the same time as the Arimidex. Allthree are set up on a weekly dosage…I simply split the dosage in half and do it twice per week. Some do them on the same day as their T…whatever works best for you.