Test, EQ, & Var

2.5 cc’s into your delt is way too much volume…maybe if you were 270 lbs your shoulder could handle it…or if you gradually built up the volumes injected over time so you could adjust.

stick to your glutes…the AAS you are running only require 2 shots a week…right glute, left glute. done.

if you are dead set on doing delts, stick to 1 inch pins and start off with 1 cc volumes. glutes can typically handle up to 3 cc’s, and quads generally 2 cc’s…at least in my experience, and from what i’ve seen posted in the past by other bro’s.

Thanks for the advice. The only reason I was injecting into my delts was because I have been reading a lot about site injections and I wanted to see if it actually helped my delts grow (along with the grueling workouts of course). I will probably continue to do shoulder injections in the future along with the glutes. If anyone has any possitive info or experiences on site injections I would love to hear it.