Test Enanthate 500mg/wk + Anadrol

I have and know them well. Yes very interesting.

what would you say lower end t levels are? I was just below midway point on the norms in the UK and was able to build and maintain muscle mass. unsure if I’m reading this correctly so pardon me but it sounds like you are making excuses for people with lower ranges of Testosterone that require/need trt to make gains when this isn’t the case. it takes work, the kind of work that not many people are willing to put in.

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My two cents are why are you blasting after 4 months? Why not get the gains you would get on TRT alone? My lifts have been skyrocketing on just TRT (deadlift up from 485 to 565 in just 7 months).

Also, you are blasting and cruising. You have already had gyno. This most likely will not be your last blast. Why are you looking to use anadrol? If it were me, I would run 350 mg/wk because I am in it for the long run and want the most out of the least amount of gear. My health is important to me. I can always go to 500 mg/wk in the future.

Ben makes a very good point, it is all about making the most use of the littlest amount of gear.

Op, you are 20 years old and by the stats provided I would say you are skinny fat. The TRT you have been prescribed will get you to a good level hormonal wise and will replicate that of guys your age who can make brilliant gains with those hormone levels. do not use any additional gear. make progress for the next 2 years, eat, sleep and grow and then come back with suggestions for adding in additional compounds.

get growing my man!


Yeah, I would say that 350 mg/wk suggestion is for after at least an additional year of training.

I will likely do my first blast pretty soon (6 months to a year), but it will be test only and 350 - 400 mg/wk.

I’ve had gyno surgery and the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to get as lean as you possibly can before surgery if you want the best results. It’s much easier for them to find and remove ALL the glandular mass that way. Forget doing anything that will raise bodyfat until after your surgery.

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i never said you cant make gains even with lower end range T levels.
Its gonna be harder and slower tho, you are in a big disadvantage compared with other people (males) with above 600 in total T, for example.

That’s pretty much exactly what you said or inferred.

The real rationale for TRT of any kind, or reason to take any sort of meds is… how do you feel? Or do you have a specific condition you are trying to cure?

If you are not suffering from a form of depression (neurological basis) then you want to use the least amount that brings you to the top of your range-- for at least 3-4 weeks to see how you feel.

I can’t advise you on superphysiological doses. I’m making stupid crazy gains now on TRT at 200 mg / week.

I mean CRAZY gains and huge amounts of weight loss and body re-composition. People think I juice like crazy and I don’t. My levels were like horribly low though, and I’m 46 not 20.


what’s your TT at that dose? and how long did it take for you to notice body composition changes?
Cant get rid of the bellyfat no matter what …muscle growth is little. Have been working out for quite a time with proper diet and have yet to feel that body change properly! No crazy body change at the end of 7th week of this cycle. Hoping to gain some muscle by the end of this cycle.

I’m not surprised, that is a high dose for most. Do you have high SHBG or are you an under responder? What’s your TT, FT, E2, SHBG at that dose?

My TT on day 3 is 1800 ish… my low is about 1000. My SHBG was like 11. I don’t have data on the 2x per week regimen I’m on yet. That data was from E7d.

E2 was high 47. No idea what my free was with a SHBG of 11, it doesn’t matter much to me. I’m sure its good enough :slight_smile:

Knocked my estrogen down to the 20’s feels way better.

My TT was like 120 ish… I’m 46 yo. A** was dragging so hard. I never gained muscle like this before… it’s unreal.


1800 is way more than normal range. Thats like a mini blast.
I have low shbg which means I have more free testosterone at low dose. At 100mg/wk I’m at 1100 ng/dl!!!
IMO, you need to lower the dose to about 80-90mg/wk which will also eliminate the use of arimidex as your E2 levels will fall to 20s.
I have seen many people on TRT forum here that they feel better on frequent injections if they are low shbg so 2x/week should be better than once every 7 days as it will keep blood levels stable.

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@lowtguy12 is,correct. Long term you should probably adjust your dose down. Low SHBG guys benefit from EOD injections as well due to clearance rate.

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I’d personally recommend Epistane if you are prone to gyno/already have it. Epistane is actually an analogue of a Japanese anti-estrogen drug and some users claim that Epi also has slight anti-estrogenic properties (although the science behind this is a bit sketchy). So you are pretty safe in the estrogen department if you were to take this. (I usually get itchy nips on a test dose, and I used a really low dose of armidex ED to solve it- but when I added Epistane into my test cycle I found I didn’t need the AI and got no nipple issues whatsoever).

Obviously, a drug like epi with a high anabolic ratio similar to winny/anavar is gonna be better for a cut, but I personally found that even bulking on Epi + Test gave me great gains, very little fat gain and an absolutely solid pump. If you are really looking to slab on mass then yeah, Tbol will probs be your best bet, but don’t disregard the dry gains you can get on stuff like winny/var/epi.

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I never understood this concept in relation to the half life of enanthate. Can there be a good difference in mood with pinning EOD instead of 2x/week? Some even pin ED. I might try.

My strength is greatly improving on this cycle (40 pounds increase in deadlift) and pumps are amazing but I can’t seem to maintain a bit of muscle pump throughout the day.Poor genetics or is it too soon to say that? now I am consuming about 2900(4-500 more than maintenance) calories a day with 250g protein 250g carbs 100g fats , with training 6 days a week. My goal is to actually burn fat and build muscle. Is my caloric intake fine or should I increase it?

But if you have the test levels of an 80 year old at 20. Where does that leave you when you are 40?
The reality is, so many guys nowadays are walking around with fucked up levels.

I mean hell, most girls in a relationship are more well built than their guys. That is saying something.

Increase carbs, lower fats and lower protein.

2900 calories a day sounds low to me for someone trying to bulk. At 6’2 185lbs that pretty much maintenance levels.

1800 is perfectly normal on a 7-8 day protocol. You drop every day until you hit the “top” of the free range. It’s a general protocol everyone’s a little different. Your not going to “blast” on 1800 for a day or 3… think about that it’s a falling curve… 1/2 logs etc. If I really wanted to, I could do E2d smaller doses and that would actually raise my daily minimum test levels… there’s a lot that goes into this… it’s not bro-science.

A blast would be like 1 gram + per week from what I’m reading. They do mass building studies on thousands of people at 600 mg / week, which I believe is very super physiological, however, that would be a decent blast. Remember also, Test used to be prescribed by the mg/lb of body weight. Steroids were never “standard protocols” in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s… it was mg/lb of body weight… btw. if someone can find a link to some old pharma data on that for testosterone I’d like to read it.

One of these days ya’ll will realize no two people are the same, nor do they respond to testosterone the same. The only similarities between them is as T rises E2 rises. And of course, that correlative rise is never even remotely similar between the same two people.