TCam's Log - The Road to Elite


Week 3 - Session 1 - Main Lower Focus

SSB Squat w/ Chains (+75) - Belt/Oly Shoes
2x6x330 - Paused

Conventional Deadlift w/ Bands (+90 lbs)
6x2x335+90 - Beltless
2x2x335+90 - Belted

A1 | Lying Lat Pulldown

A2 | Off-Bench Sit-Up - 30 Deg

Another very high effort squat day. Decided to go with chains to deload the bottom slightly due to quad fatigue from the conditioning the day prior. Made it through fine, but it was the right choice compared to loading more at the bottom.

Went from 6x3x315+90 with a belt to 8x2x335+90 mostly without a belt for the power-focused hinge slot. All moved well.

Week 3 - Session 2 - Light Conditioning / Mobility

Air Bike
30 min LISS - Mixed limb use
Metrics: 15 mi, 244 cal, 115 avg HR, 134 max HR

Quads were feeling it at first, but got into the rhythm and made it through just fine.

Cardio goals are likely going to tap out around this time range, maybe pushing to 45-60 minutes eventually for some outlier event, but this “hybrid” training I’m doing is not meant to take me towards marathons. Being able to push hard for 15-30 minutes straight is pretty firmly in the realm of all that is necessary to be as athletic as possible and beyond that is going to take away from other athletic qualities. Hybrid = Maximizing all athletic qualities, not running one quality up as far as possible at the expense of the other qualities.

EDIT: I’m actually going to go against the above a bit after thinking about it more. While any “events” I want to run might max out at trying hard for 15-30 minutes, the actual fitness for that is developed with longer duration training too. 45 mins of Zone 2 training will help a 5K more than just training hard for 20-25 minutes with the assumption that that time is my 5K goal. Still reading and learning and trying to not put a powerlifting mindset behind everything.


Week 3 - Session 3 - Main Upper Focus

Slam Ball Throw - SA + Chest Pass
2 x 5/5+5 x 15

Paused Bench

A1 | Leg-Assisted Ring Pull-Ups

A2 | Landmine Press

Landmine Triceps Extension
13, 10, 10 x 25 - I think I invented a new exercise

B1 | Landmine Curl
15/15, 12/12, 10/10 x Bar

B2 | Paused Hammer Curl
12, 10, 8 x 25s

Low-pain bench strength increased again :raised_hands: These moved very well both in speed and control. RPE was around 6-7 on average. Shoulder pain maxed out around 3/10. I haven’t reached 0/10 with any working set of pressing yet, but getting there soon hopefully.

The landmine got a lot of love today. Landmine presses are definitely not a optimal hypertrophy sort of exercise, but they are generally a pretty good exercise for variability and resilience in the sense that they aren’t unstable enough to be too light to be useful, but they are unstable enough to have to fight through positions and change foot positions sometimes.

The landmine triceps extension probably already exists, but I’ve never seen them and they were very good. Basically a skullover or overhead triceps extension, but the force curve puts a ton of tension through the entire ROM. Will film.

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Week 3 - Session 4 - Lower Body Accessories + Hard Conditioning

Single-Leg Landmine Deadlift

4.75" Deficit Snatch Grip Slow Eccentric Deadlift - Beltless/Straps

Conditioning - Air Bike HIIT
10 Rounds: 20 sec On + 60 sec Off - Maybe 85-90% effort each
No metrics, Oura ring was dead and I forget the bike metrics. I do know I was getting 775-850 watts output during the sprints

Motivation for training was low on this day. Mostly with regards to doing a bunch of exercises, so I chose a couple of hard variations and did a few sets. The goal with the deficits deadlift was to keep tension on the hamstrings through a neutral spine as far as I could, then allow lumbar flexion to the floor, then reverse that lumbar flexion to neutral off the floor, then complete it in a normal position. It was part hamstring/hip mobility exercise, part lumbar resilience exercise.

Part of the decision-making was quad fatigue too. I knew I wanted to knock out hard conditioning today and my quads would get hit from it, so the split squat variation I’ve had on this day was nixed.


Week 3 - Session 5 - Full Body

Squat w/ Belt/Flats
3x8x385 - All of these sets got spicy

Paused Close Grip High Incline Press (60 Deg)

Standing Cable Leg Curl

Cable Cross-Body Rear Delt Row

Cable Facepull

First really hot day in the garage and doing squats for 8 reps didn’t feel amazing, but it was a good workout. All sets at 385 had a very difficult rep 7 for some reason and then a cleaned up 8th. RPE/RIR was hard to measure, but I probably had 2,2,1 hard reps left per set.



Kind of

Triceps Pushdown - Straight Bar
10, 8, 10 x 80

Ring Rolls
A bunch

I mowed the lawn before this and needed to get this workout done pretty quickly. Shoulder were also feeling pretty beat up from the week. So I decided to mostly start working on some ring skills with forward/backward rolls, upside-down holds, and just getting used to them. I’ll have to work out how I want to quantify the work on these, but I basically ended up feeling a lot in the upper back and forearms. It was definitely a rotator cuff intensive workout.

I’m tempted to not worry about quantifying this sort of thing and just putting an open-ended “ring work” slot into the programming, but I may also just look up some different skills progressions and log them.



Mixed Mode - Moderate: Air Bike + KB Play
5 Rounds: 2 minutes bike + 2 minutes 44 lb KB play

20 mins, 5 mi, 242 cal, 122 avg HR, 161 max HR

The goal here was to just continually move with the KB for 2 minutes during the time off the bike. I did swings, squats, shifts, passes, presses, etc. The bike time was not overly intense, just enough to get 1 mile per round. It definitely got harder than expected and ended up at a higher heart rate, but it was great for not taxing any particular muscle group (like quads on a bike-only session) so that I can deadlift later in the day without issues.

Also, not going to use the “sessions” titling because I have varying days in which I mix cardio into one session or do it separately, so it’s simpler to just title things whatever I did.


Sumo Deadlift w/ Belt/Straps

Conventional Deadlift w/ Belt/Straps

2-Ct Pin Squat - Beltless/Sleeveless
6x3x315 - 90 sec rests

Single Leg Landmine Deadlift

Leg-Assisted Ring Pull-Ups

Standing Ab Pulldown
15, 10, 12 x 80

Overshot this one a bit on the low back loading. No problems, just fatigue that was slightly beyond the target. I’m assuming it’s more to do with the higher absolute load of the sumo relative to recently that got me than anything else. Need to get the technique tightened back up.



Strap Pin Press - 4-Ct Pause

Feet Up Close Grip Spoto Press

Landmine Triceps Extension

A1 | Cable Single-Arm Row
3x10/10x75 - Analog to DB rows, bent over with hand support

A2 | Ring Biceps Curl
3x10xBW - Body angled to make these near failure each time

Using my ring suspension strap setup for the pin presses. I have the strap safeties variety, but the suspension straps are easier to setup and allow for adjustment at the bottom. These were set up to be full ROM minus chest sinking, so the bar was sitting on my shirt basically and I released all pressing tension (maintaining arch tension) for the 4-count pause. The point here is starting power / force production, since it’s in my power slot. Low RPE, but high effort and bar speed.

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Open Trap Bar Zercher Reverse Lunge - Front Foot Elevated

Cable Standing Leg Extension

Cable Glute Kickback

KB Side Bend Suitcase Deadlift
3x6/6x62 - This is basically a lateral flexion version of a Jefferson curl

Another unilateral variation for the Zerchers. So far I’ve done a rotating split squat, Bulgarian split squat, and now the FFE reverse lunge. I’m undecided on how I want to do some things in the programming. Like just having the “unilateral squat” slot and doing whatever I’m motivated to do within that parameter versus having a specific variation and progressing it week over week for 4 weeks. I tend to think in the former option more though.


Air Bike
21 min of 2 min fast + 1 min slow intervals

12.1 mi, 279 cal (Bike), 199 cal (Oura), 150 avg HR, 170 max HR

I was planning on going for a 30 min session, but I could tell pretty much immediately it wasn’t going to happen with the intervals I chose. This was likely too hard to recover from appropriately, in the overall context of the week. I’m trying to learn more about the best routes to take to best maximize everything, but it’s just going to take a lot of trial and error.



1/2” Block Pull w/ Stiff Bar - Belt/Straps

Open Trap Bar Low Incline Bench
2x6x200 - Shoulder didn’t feel great, so I cut it here

Slow Eccentric Deficit Push-Ups
2x8 - 8 sec eccentrics

Chest-Supported Cable Row - Wide Grip
3x15x120 - All to partials

Leaning Concentration Curls
16, 12+4, 13+3 x 25 - Myo-rep match sets

I knew going into this one that I wanted to avoid overly taxing the low back based on the rest of the week. Block pulls are hard enough, but reduced enough ROM to fit well and not be RDLs that don’t have a floating stopping point to reverse.

Wish the pressing felt better than it did, but it’s fine. Hopefully the shoulder trending to better continues overall.


Triceps Pushdown
12, 9+3, 8+4 x 80 - Myo-rep match sets

Cable Facepull

Cable Lateral Raise

Nothing super special here. Did some shoulder mobility with rings too.

First Month Chimera Review: Overall I’m enjoying the new style, but I am still figuring out how to incorporate everything. The major issue I need to figure out is cardio to make sure I’m not pushing it too hard to recover from it. Biking for what I consider “moderate” work is generally putting me into Zone 4, which is providing a lot of stress to the quads. I should be doing mostly Zone 2 work, but I’m not good at doing that currently. If I can figure that out, I shouldn’t have any issues with doing 3-4 cardio sessions per week with 1 being a hard session. The overarching concept to instill in myself is that everything should have a purpose. There’s no room for junk volume, even if I wouldn’t have classified it that way in my previous training scheme. For instance, with hypertrophy I can’t rely on (or recover from) a volume based approach with a lot of sets through the week for a muscle group, but I can maximize 3-4 sets reaching failure a couple of times per week. That generally will mean needing to pick the biggest bang-for-my-buck exercises for the intended outcome. I’m not going to go crazy thinking about it, it’s just a framework to generally follow, because enjoying it is priority #1.

Quick correction to something I said previously, which I edited in the post itself: I’m actually going to go against the bit about tapping out on cardio duration after thinking about it more. While any “events” I want to run might max out at trying hard for 15-30 minutes, the actual fitness for that is developed with longer duration training too. 45 mins of Zone 2 training will help a 5K more than just training hard for 20-25 minutes, even if that might be more specific to the event. Still reading and learning and trying to not put a powerlifting/brute force mindset behind everything. The balance needed for recovery won’t allow for that across all the disciplines.

Also by thinking this way I would be limiting myself in what I can accomplish with hybrid training. While I have no interest whatsoever in a marathon currently, that may change once the goalposts are moved with my changing abilities. That said, I am looking to push all qualities to their mutual maximum potentials, which means I won’t be sacrificing multiple qualities for one in particular.

For now, I’m still viewing “hybrid training” not as a mix of athletic events (like being a good powerlifter and a good marathoner), but as a mix of being athletic across energy systems, tasks/skills, and performance qualities.



Air Bike
LISS for 37 minutes, including 2-3 minute ramp up and down each

18.4 mi, 294 cal (Bike), 335 cal (Oura), 120 avg HR, 139 max HR


SSB Squat w/ Belt/Barefoot
3x3x430 @ RPE 8.5, 9, 10 - PR for this particular SSB

Conventional Deadlift w/ Belt/Straps
8x2x405 - 90 sec rests, dynamic effort

SSB Reverse Lunge - Front Foot Elevated

Cable High Row
15, 12, 15 x 120

Incline Plank w/ Anterior Hip Drop
3x8xBW - Made this one up. Probably the most effective rectus abdominis exercise I’ve ever done

Another high intensity squat day here. Up 10 lbs for the PR noted, especially with being able to keep the handles up at least for the eccentric and half of the concentric. The last reps were generally getting to my upper thoracic and I allow the handles to come down at the top as a result to finish out the sets, but I’m not as concerned with that.

The plank exercise: Basically I’m in a standard plank position in an incline with my elbows on a bench and my feet on the ground, then I allow my hips to sink, while keeping my scapula protracted and not sinking into scapular elevation, all the way down so that I’m in full spinal extension. This puts my rectus abdominis in a fully stretched position. That’s the eccentric. To initiate the concentric, I’m pushing through my feet but thinking about drawing my pelvis and ribs together to us the rectus abdominis to rise primarily back to the start position.

Another thing to film. But the idea here is to get the most tension possible at the stretch for that sweet stretch mediated hypertrophy. But it’s also providing tension all the way through. An unweighted ab exercise that’s absolutely brutal for 8-12 reps is a good one.

Week 5 - Wednesday Morning - High Intensity Cardio

Air Bike
3 min ramping warm-up
6 rounds: 25-30 sec sprint + 90 sec full rest + 30 sec slow rest
3 min cool down

5.5 mi, 161 cal (bike), 190 cal (Oura), 133 avg HR, 149 max HR

Very interested in the HR metrics measured. This was very hard and I wasn’t able to maintain a 30 sec 90%+ effort sprint (not unexpectedly), in which I was getting 1000+ watts throughout. I eventually dropped to 900 watts and then 850 watts, but barely making 25 sec. So the question is, why was my HR not at an actual redline number of like 170-180? I have to imagine it’s just a matter of time spent working and 30 sec wasn’t enough time to get that increase and my muscular fatigue didn’t allow for continued high enough cardiovascular output.

Either way, good sprint session.

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Med Ball Throws
2x5/5x15 - Single-arm throw
2x10x25 - Chest pass

Paused Bench w/ Chains (+75)

2x8x275 - 1 finger width closer

Chest-Supported Cable Rear Delt Row
3x20x40s - Separate line D handles

Seated Cable Incline Curl
15, 10, 10 x 15s

Cross-Body Triceps Extension
15, 10, 10 x 17.5

Band Shoulder Stuff
2-3 x 15-20 x Micro Mini - ER and abduction (behind the back very much hit the painful part directly)

After the HIIT in the morning, I was definitely feeling a little fatigued for this, but neurologically ready based on how the med ball throws and bench warm-ups felt. Shoulder was definitely experiencing an uptick in pain at the bottom of the bench, so I didn’t push beyond what felt reasonable. Last set of chain bench was the best one.

The big positive here is that I hit 9 total reps with that weight. A few weeks ago I did a single set of 4 with it and backed off, so some definite progress in general work capacity regardless of pain.


Kickstand Landmine RDL

Seated Cable Leg Curl
2x15/15x47.5 - Myo-rep match set on 2nd set

Yep, that’s all. Still just testing out how I want to structure effort / exercise selection for the week overall. I’m thinking that I need to time cap the 2 accessory days to about 45 minutes each so that I don’t do too much like I did in the previous few weeks. That way I’ll have 3 full workouts plus 2 short workouts to fill in gaps and 3-4 conditioning-focused workouts.

Today I did this in the morning because I’m planning on trialing a longer Zone 2 run with my wife later. I have a feeling it’s going to be a painfully slow shuffle, if not just a walk/shuffle mix to stay in Zone 2.



Running - Aerobic Capacity
45 mins with short walk at each mile, 40 minutes total running, 5 minutes total rest
3.85 miles, 12:19 avg pace, 714 cal (Oura), 139 avg HR, 171 max HR

This was almost literally more running for exercise than I’ve done in my entire adult life combined :sweat_smile: Goal here was to do Zone 2 work, not to have fast miles or go hard. I obviously didn’t strictly stay in Z2 with a 171 bpm HR, but the average at 139 bpm means I was probably in and around it mostly. Since I haven’t done a max HR test and (220-age) isn’t exactly an accurate equation, I have to rely on breathing mechanics and the talk test. I was just able to nasally breathe most of the time and talking wasn’t impossible. But I was probably at the top end of Z2 most of the time.

This was actually really enjoyable at this pace. While I’m not technically good at running slowly and my legs hurt, it felt systemically good and I felt kind of “lifted” at the end of the workout, rather than beat down.

And like I saw in the first few runs with shorter intervals, muscular endurance is the limiting factor in these longer runs too. Aerobically I could have kept going without stopping at each mile, but my quads and calves needed the rest. Been sore the last few days following this, so this was my first taste of how recovery is going to be affected by hybrid stuff. No full body day this week due to family time, went casually kayaking on Saturday, so this gave me an opportunity to fully rest the lower body from running.


**Decline Deficit Push-Ups **

Cable Shrugs

6 Ct Eccentric Dips

Cable Lateral Raise

Leaning KB Lateral Raise
2x20/20x13 - Leaning away from the working side, not towards, to bias the bottom

Vertical Jumps

Not much to note on this one. Did the first 3 exercises alternating, not really as a superset. Right quad was a little tweak-y on the vertical jumps at the end.



Paused Conventional Deadlift w/ Belt/Straps
6x495 - PR, I believe

Cheat Deficit Bent Over Row - Beltless/Straps

Wide Stance Hatfield Squat - Beltless

A1 | Incline Plank w/ Anterior Hip Drop
10, 8, 8 x BW

A2 | Heels Up Feet Together BW Squat

I didn’t know what to expect on heavy paused conventional work since I haven’t done heavy conventional in a few months, but hitting a PR isn’t a bad start. Conventional is feeling better than sumo currently (and for the better part of a year probably). I think I’ll be doing mostly conventional for a while, provided the low back fatigue is managed. May take a run at beating my PR of 622.8 from the deadlift only meet years ago.

I wonder what I’m further from: A 630 conventional deadlift or a 6:30 mile (I’m guessing the latter) :thinking:

The rows today were a deadlift supplement. Using a deficit means the bottom position was at a normal deadlift height and initiated the pull with my legs/arms simultaneously.

Hatfields felt okay. I just did those to be conservative with my quad tweak feeling the other day. No issues as of now.



Air Bike
37 minutes, including 2-3 min warm-up and cool down
Alternated legs-only / legs+arms each minute
20.1 mi, 377 cal (Bike), 334 cal (Oura), 132 avg HR, 155 max HR

Last week this slot was “recovery cardio”, but I definitely went a little harder this time. Got an extra 1.7 miles and 83 bike calories in the same time and my HR was higher. This one was probably at the top end of Zone 2 for the average, but the HR graph line was linearly increasing to the 155 max when I stopped. Felt like I was aerobically able to go indefinitely, but I’m assuming I had actually reached my lactate threshold and beyond near the end and would have ran out of gas at some point.

Either way, this was my first 20 mile ride on the air bike. So that’s a cool milestone.



Strap Pin Press - 4 Ct Pause

Cable Seated Chest Press

Lying Lat Pulldown

A1 | Triceps Pushdown
12, 8+4 x 70 - Myo-Rep Match

A2 | Cable Biceps Curl

Band Shoulder ER
2x20/20xMicro Mini - Left side dummy painful lol

Forgot to mention in the last entry that I did a bunch of band shoulder work prior to the cardio because both shoulders have been aching a good bit. Mostly the right side this past week, but then it was back to the left for this band work. Curls are painful depending on the variation too. But this was otherwise pain free.

Bench was significantly easier than the previous pin press with 10 lbs less too. So that’s cool.


DB Split Squat - Front Foot Elevated

A1 | Seated Cable Leg Curl

A2 | Side Bend
3x8/8x62 - Did a few with cables and a few with a KB, just logging as if it’s only KB

B1 | Cossack Squat

B2 | Standing Cable Spine Conditioning
3x5/5x40 - This is essentially a standing spine CAR with straps around forearms for loading, very difficult

Alright, time for testing another variation on this day. I wasn’t able to get this workout done in the morning, so that means I only have about 2.5 hours between this and running. And this one was definitely more of a complete workout than last week’s. We’ll see!



2 x 1 mile w/ 90 sec rest - 9:55 and 9:00. Then walked 0.25 mile and ran another 0.5 mile (didn’t keep time)
2.5 mi running, 456 cal (Oura), 153 avg HR, 180 max HR

Pushed the pace faster than last week and it killed me lol. Partially because this was 2.5 hours post lower body accessories, my quads were starting to cramp at the first mile mark. The 90 sec between was stretching those out then continuing. I made it 1/2 mile into that second mile and had to walk for about 30 sec due to aerobic fatigue, muscles were fine by then. So I finished that second mile in 9:00 including the 30 sec of walking. The last 1/2 of that mile did the killing. It didn’t feel like I was at 180 bpm HR, but afterwards it was clear I was basically done.

Hitting 2 miles in 20:25 total is decent for me at this point though. Short term goals include obviously breaking that 20 min mark and doing it without stopping at all. I’m still very much in “beginner” numbers here, so I do expect some noob somewhat linear gains in aerobic conditioning. My limiter to that has more to do with the muscular endurance and the capacity to absorb impact at 225 lbs.



Suspension Good Morning - Open Trap Bar - Beltless
3x6x255 - These were hard

Open Trap Bar RDL - Beltless

Ring Pike Push-Ups + Normal Push-Ups

Ring Inverted Row - Pause + 6 Ct Eccentric
3x5xBW - Emphasis here was more about control at the shoulders/scapulae than hypertrophy, full protraction and internal rotation at the bottom

255 lbs on good mornings does track for what I’ve used before, but starting from the bottom position was rough. Undecided on if it’s a worthy lift, but it’s something I’ve never really trained to see how it affects my lifts, so it might be.


Air Bike
15 mins, 7.8 mi, 130 cal

4 Rounds
Pull-Ups: 5xBW
Floor JM Press: 8x135
Alternating DB Curl: 10/10x25

Air Bike
15 min, 7.6 mi, 125 cal

3 Rounds
Cable Shrug: 15x85
DB Lateral Raise: 15x25s
DB Bent Rear Delt Fly: 15x25s

Oura Metrics
57 min, 513 cal, 128 avg HR, 148 max HR

Minimal rest in the lifting portions, just switching stations between exercises and then under 1 minute between rounds. Last three exercises all got to partials.

Goal for the bike was mostly Zone 2 work which was achieved.


I’m enjoying this process a lot so far. It’s cool to still get a decently significant rep PR on deadlifts while doing all of this. Despite the increase in systemic load, I’ve felt mostly good.

That said, I don’t think I like the resistance training split I have going. Full body days feel like I hit a decent lower body lift and then I don’t have any interest in setting up for an actual press variation, also leading to poor accessories. On lower body accessory days, they’re either too hard or too easy depending on my mood. Upper body accessory days haven’t been much of anything relative to what I’d usually do on a focused secondary day.

While I like the general idea of full body splits, they just didn’t work out for me practically. Back to upper/lower we go! I’m planning lower, upper, gap filler, lower, upper for a 5-day resistance training split. The first 2 are primary focused days and the gap-filler is for some exercise back work, isolation work, resisted mobility, etc. The last 2 are secondary focused days where most of the stuff from the full body and two acc days will spread to.

I do like the separately focused weeks for deadlift/squat, so I’ll continue that.

Still working on where best to incorporate jumps, sprints, and other stuff that I’d like to work on without interfering too much with recovery or needing to remove other things. But that will filter in as I figure out the bigger pieces. No need to shove them in and then not know which thing or amount of which thing messed up my recovery.

Haven’t posted the physique in a long time here. Appetite has increased with activity, so I’ve been chillin at my usual 220-225 lbs range. Still about 6’0". Still natty. About to turn 35.