T2 has arrived in Worcester MA.

san diego scores.

I too just got mine today in South Dakota. I’ve already started using it. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress with it.

By the way, thanks a bunch, Biotest, for the t-shirt!! It’s good to know you appreciate the customers.

Its on the truck in Washington D.C., should be here this pm.

Where in South Dakota are you? I was just there last week…I got engaged there…named my son after a place there…

Hey there. I go to college at South Dakota State U. in Brookings. Where did you get engaged? Rapid City? That would be about the only romantic place I could think of in SD. But then again Rapid is one of the few places I’ve been to. I’m actually from Iowa.

By the way, today I am already feeling really “hot.” It’s my second day on T2 and I’m also taking MD6 with it. I’ve never felt this warm before with a fat burner alone. I hope it’t not the placebo effect. I don’t think so though because I’ve been feeling warm pretty much all afternoon. It’s getting me excited that this product might actually work like Tim hyped it up to be.