T Testing After Pinning Extra T

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Quick question: I’m on TRT prescribed by my provider (great as insurance picks up most of the costs). I’m in cycle right now pinning extra test cyprionate. Just met with PCP yesterday and she wants to do a regular check of my T levels.

If I go back to my regular dose, how long should I wait before doing the blood test? I don’t want my levels too high where she reduces my normal TRT dosing. Any suggestions would be helpful. From what I’ve been able to read sounds like 30 days should do it?

A minimum of six weeks, or 42 days to reach steady states. Now let’s say you change your dose three weeks into a new protocol, you must now wait another six weeks.

I would focus less on the hormone levels achieved and more about symptom resolution. Also other bio markers should be monitored like hemoglobin and hematocrit.

A lot of guys don’t have issues with free testosterone levels slightly above the normal range. Some men who are not on TRT, who are natural have free testosterone levels above the normal ranges. That’s because the bottom and top 2% are excluded from the normal ranges.


about 5 half lives of whatever you’re taking.

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Since you said all suggestions appreciated……
What I do is when one of my docs wants to check my levels, I skip 5 of my daily shots and then go get labs. For reference: My levels on 350mg/wk are about 1,900 ng/dL. PCP tells me he wants bloods, I skip 5 daily shots and my bloods come back between 900-1000 ng/dL. Keeps my PCP and TRT doc happy.