T-men in bay area?

I was just wondering if there were any t-men in the bay area.

So far, I only know of one and he introduced me to this website. I thank god for friends like him.

I’m a student at Berkeley. I love wearing one of my Testosterone shirts on campus and pissing off all the hippies and feminists. Any other Bay Area T-men out there?

I’m from Los Altos. I come to visit my parents there during thanksgiving and christmas break.

Yo Chris… it’s good to hear that you’re a student at Cal.

I graduated last year in Nutri-Sci.

Go Bears…

Hey, maybe we should get our football team into t-mag… they sure as hell could use it.

Right on Bobu… and maybe force feed Holmoe some Tribex. Maybe that would light a fire under his ass :slight_smile:

yo chris…
do you wear your shirt to the RSF?

I have a friend who works out there and is also a devout follower of t-mag.

maybe you guys will run into each other.

San Francisco in the house. Represent! 'Til its over —>outlaw

Not the true Bay Area, but I am from Sacramento.