T-men and clothes that fit!

T-Peoples! Where do you guys (and gals, this may help the wifey, too!) buy clothing that fits a decent physique? I don’t mean the spandex shirts or string tank-tops. I have a real problem with button-ups, and polo shirts (I am REQUIRED to wear these at work), they want to gather at the sides and make me look fat. I am a proponent of TReilley and his fantastic line of clothes, but I just need some I can wear everyday, you know, normal stuff when I ain’t “showing off”.


I can relate, I’m not sure how you are built or how big/tall you are but I’m 6’7" tall with a 53 inch chest and a 19 inch neck and arms so long that my knuckles damn near scrape the ground :slight_smile: Anyway I have found a handful of big and tall merchants that have some very nice threads here are some links you may want to go and check out:kingsizedirect, casualmale , reppbigandtall and blair. I have had very good luck with all of them and you have to shop in a trial and error type of way to find just the right size that looks well on you. For example even if you aren’t tall the tall size is cut in a different way and that may just be what you are looking for plus more and more dress shirts can be found in an “athletic cut” which is cut for guys with the “V” shaped torso. Hope I helped and good luck.

The company rheingoldfashions sells clothes (formal and casual) made specifically for bodybuilders.