We’ve all talked about the ultimate T-vixen, T-music, T-movies, even T-cars. I was just wondering what your favourite T-animal is. I think the big cats, bears, sharks and gorilla’s would all be great contenders. Personally I think the big silverback gorilla wins. After all he even looks like a bodybuilder.

How about TC’s dog Toney? I’ve aalways thought octopi (octopuses) were really cool, maybe not T-animals, but they’re really smart.

crocs only animal hunts humans

I’m kinda all about the Meerkats.

Kimodo Dragon or a wolverine. Although Hippos kill more people than any other animal in the world.

I’d vote for either the walrus or the egg-man. Koo koo ka choo.

I vote on the Kimodo Dragon myself… Can you imagine having one as a pet?.. name it some silly dog name… have a bud come over and call him … then you see this huge lizard like creature swaying his way with his split-fork tounge licking his chops… thatd freak em all out! :slight_smile:

Actually, Polar Bears have been known to hunt humans as well.

Kayrob, where did you read about that stat? I’d be interested to read about it a little more. If you know off hand, how do humans fall prey to hippos.

Brider, you are absolutely correct about polar bears. My uncle has been on several hunts for polar bears(I don’t like that idea) and 2 times he and his partner almost fell prey to a bear. He once told me that when you are waiting in your spot you try to find them from a good distance and keep track of them until they get close enough to kill. Well the 2 times I mentioned they lost sight of it and it had managed to sneak up behind them. I would have shit myself on the spot when I realized that it was behind me.

And to keep the thread going I would say that tigers are my favorite t-animal.

Ryan, I don’t remember where I read that, but I found this article. http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mhippo.html

You know I’m all about dogs, but I like fiesty animals that are just evil! Badgers and ferrets are known for their ferocity, even though they are fairly small. But you gotta give it to Tigers and some of the other big animals out there. As for hippos, there have been countless attacks on humans! They are quite vicious.

No, some bodybuilders look like silverback gorillas…

First of all, polar bears, tigers, and crocodiles are the only three animals in the world known for actively hunting humans. My personal choice would have to be the Great White Shark.

without a doubt polar bear - they can weigh up to 1400 lbs, and can be almost 10 feet tall and can run 25 mph. (http://maple.nis.net/~bearwork/polars1/13seawrl/pbbehavior.html)

Hey man,

All I know is that a whale has a 6 foot dick. If that doesn’t produce a megaton of T, I don’t know what constitutes a T-animal!

I was only stating what I heard on the animal planet show. They said it was the only animal that hunts humans for food. Whadda I know, i majored in MIS and MRKTING

some bodybuilders look like silverback gorillas… in more ways then one, the average size of a gorillas dick is less then 1 1/2 inches. gee I guess they do look like gorillas!!!

Definitely the Wolverine. There was a special on the Discovery Channel one time saying that pound for pound, the Wolverine is the most powerful, ferocious animal on land.

I’m gonna throw some oddballs into the pool. Russian boars because they are huge, wily and the avatar of relentless savagery. Take a look at this record breaker:
http://www.newarchery.com/ news/news.asp?newsid=6
Also goes to show that no matter how big and tough you are, someone with superior weaponry can take you down.

Another beastie would be the Gaur = largest living wild cattle.

I have to say one of the big bears (Grizzly or polar).
And I promise that it have nothing to do with the fact that my parents named me Bjorn (Bear in swedish) :slight_smile: