Switching from Low Carb to Strength Phase


I’ve just completed a low carb diet for 5 weeks similar to T-dawg diet, with some good results.

Now, I want to go through the next month and focusing on increasing my strength, but not put on too much mass, and I would like some advice on diet.

After low carbing, I know how my body reacts to carbs. My plan is for an iso calorie diet, with 1/3 fat, protein and carbs at 2440calories on workout days, and 2200calories on non workout days. The calorie difference is from cutting carbs on non workout days. So on workout days, I eat 190grams of carbs, and 142grams of carbs on non workout days.

My carbs are going to be consumed for my first 3 meals, and the next two meals will only contain protein and fats. The final two meals will probably be consumed after 5pm. The meals containing carbs are mainly post/during workout meals, except for breakfast where that would be a post workout meal if I workout after breakfast.

I am 198 pounds, and through my training and diets, I want to gain strength as I use a stregth training protocol (ie. low reps, heavy weights, more sets), rather than a body building protocol. I also don't want to reverse all that hard work of low carbing.

So my questions are:

How is my carb content for my goals in maximising strength (without gaining too much muscle mass), keeping or lowering my bodyfat?

How is my carb timing, in order to achieve my goals?

How will eating protein and fats for the last two meals affect my bodyfat composition? Will it cause low insulin levels, and I won’t put on the fat? Or will my body just not use the fat because I’m not in ketosis, and store it instead?

I also want to play basketball on non workout days, how will this effect me?

Thank you