Surge Timing Question

I currently run 2 to 3 days a week on days that I do NOT lift. I am thinking about starting to run after some of my lifting workouts. If I do this, should I take Surge after I am done with everything? I can’t imagine how bad it would be to lift then take Surge and run with a stomach full of fluid. But if you take Surge after you run will that be too late to get to your muscles that you just worked out? I only run for about 20 minutes. Any advice would be great on this. Thanks.


you should start drinking your Surge before you begin your workout. try not to eat for 2 hours before you workout. Finish the Surge when you are doing your weight training. laters pk

I wouldn’t run after a lifting workout.

You are ahead to split the serving, half prior to or during the workout and half immediately after.

If you really want to run the same day you lift. Run in the morning and lift after work.