Supplement Newbie

Hey guys,
Could anyone tell me the difference between Biotest Androsol and Biotest Tribex-500? I’m not sure when to use either supplement. Has anyone out there used both supplements at different times? And if so how did you decide which supplement was best for your goals?
And here’s a side question. If you use Androsol do you have to shave my body? I’m a pretty hairy guy and I cant imagine the spray penetrating my hair and making skin contact.
Thanks guys!

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Androsol works by increasing blood levels
of 4-AD, a hormone naturally present in your
blood that helps build muscle, and also
testosterone though the testosterone increase
is much less important. It does this by supplying 4-AD to the body.

Tribex works by causing the body to produce
more testosterone.

Tribex probably has very little added muscle-building effect while Androsol is being used, since any testosterone increase from Tribex (if there is any in this situation, which is unknown) would be relatively small compared to the 4-AD increase caused by Androsol. If someone were wanting to do a long Androsol cycle, like 8 weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tribex use would be of value in helping maintain natural T production during the cycle but this isn’t shown. For the most part, Tribex is most efficiently used during weeks when Androsol is not being used.

If your body hair is really unusually thick, using clippers and cutting to 1/4" or at most 3/8" should
result in most of the Androsol getting to the skin, and will improve your appearance (in the opinion of most) as well.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Its those little pieces of information that are sometimes never mentioned that give you a much better understanding of a situation :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the Androsol, but the Tribex500 is awesome. My benching was going up 10 pounds a week, I gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks, I was recovering faster, and so on. When I stopped taking it, I didn’t feel as superior. Now I am taking it again and I already feel better. Added bonus, my appetite is up along with my libido! My buddy has taken the Androsol and swears by it. I think I will also try it. I am very curious about Mag10. PUT THE STUFF ON THE SHELF ALREADY, BIOTEST!!! Anyways I think T-mag and Biotest are hardcore… wait, I mean Dangerously Hardcore!!!