Success vs. Fail: Stories Of Anabolics Aiding Surgical Recovery

This topic will hopefully shed light on current attitudes of doctors toward anabolics aiding surgical recovery.
While some members of the medical community regard the above with, “Yes, it only makes sense”, others have thrown holy water on you to see if you hiss, regarding questioning anabolics as an option to aid in medical recovery.
A construction worker I knew years ago got into a bad motorcycle accident. He took Deca and the doctors were amazed at his recovery.
A friend had forearm tendon surgery and it "wouldn’t take, wouldn’t wouldn’t. Finally he said, “Screw this”, went to Mexico where there are Mexicans and HGH and bought a long duration HGH cycle. Shortly thereafter his surgeon exclaimed “It’s a miracle” how it was all coming together, and it healed successfully.
Another friend told how a surgeon would’ve refused him, had he been “On” but he was “Off the stuff” so he got the surgery.
Please share any stories you’ve got on this, Thank you.