Subq vs IM Injections

Whether you shoot into muscle or subcut, it goes in as a ‘depot’ (hence the name). Essentially a little globule of the T-infused oil which gets picked up by the blood stream. It’s inactive until that happens. As to “messing around”…diabetics shoot “fast acting” insulin (and slow acting for that matter) subQ. That still kicks in very quickly. The difference is minimal.

I have my own reason to prefer IM but I highly doubt it actually matters, so I’m not even going to mention it to avoid starting a needless discussion.

Pretty much have switched to doing the same. My own skin has varied sensitivity though. A majority of the time I also “can’t even feel it”. Other times I’m “lucky” enough that it feels like a hornet sting going in. Usually bleeds a drop or two of blood after those.

How much do you inject out of curiosity?

Alot of anecdotals show the exact opposite. Theres a huge thread on excelmale where most got more estrogen and less total testosterone with sub Q, including myself, by the way.

When I tried subQ, the same dosage of T resulted in double the e2 and half the total T. That was me with 10% bodyfat, by the way,

I inject 28.6mg daily. I put my whole protocol on the “TRT Credentials Thread”

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Those doing IM, I am interested in trying it out. I do SubQ currently. The question I have is if using slin pins, do I need to aspirate? Does it hurt more if using a slin pin? How can you tell if you are in the muscle?

If I go to IM, I’ll probably pin delts. Are delts adequate for blasting too?

I think it matters. Insulin is not Testosterone so its going to be absorbed differently. IM has less issues with aromatase also.

You don’t need to aspirate and each delt can take at least 1ml/week without issue. The skin/fat layer is so thin that’s its basically impossible to do sub-q there. It’s not like I’m the legs where you can feel it go from fat to muscle. With delts it’s basically muscle the whole way. Once you pin delts with insulin syringes you’ll wonder why you ever pinned elsewhere.

I mostly pin lateral delts but I’ve used front and rear delts without issue as well.

Totally true for me. I started a few weeks ago and love it. I get a little pain or blood every few tries, but I think it may be user error. Most times it is totally pain free though. I’m pretty sure I feel better on IM too.

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Finally I will decide to try there myself, although I think I feel what I should feel on sub q. But IM can be even better who knows…

You can always go back to sub-q if needed.

To be honest Im a bit worried also not to hit something and my shoulders are definetely not my strongest and most developed muscles

Subq is hit and miss for me. Sometimes it’s painless and fine, others there’s a pinch and it leaves a lump which takes awhile to go away. I’m assuming it’s the difference between the perfect angle and depth vs not perfect, I’m not a fan. Glutes and ventro glutes IM have always worked well for me with a 26g, 1” pin. No pain, quick and easy. But obviously everybody has their preference. I’ve never done quads or delts, haven’t had the need for it.

I inject SQ everyday currently. I know some guys say IM made a huge difference, and I’m wondering if it would affect my issue with low levels despite injecting a good amount of T. Anyways, I’m considering trying it at some point, but have a few questions:

  1. How long would I need to try IM to notice a difference?
  2. Would my Easytouch 30G 1CC 1/2" needles work? Inject in delts maybe?
  3. Would I use the same dosage?
  4. Do I need to aspirate or pinch the muscle or anything other than just stick it in and inject?
  5. Any other tips?

Was this recent thread not enough?

Maybe you could have posted there?

Some friendly advice- you need to put most of your posts on a single thread of yours. Or else guys might just start ignoring your constant new threads

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I pinch because it stretches the skin and makes it easier to pierce. I tried it without pinching a few times and didn’t enjoy it. Just makes stabbing yourself that much harder. But I inject in the quads.

I aspirate out of paranoia even though I guess it’s not part of the taught nursing protocol anymore.

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Ah didn’t even see that, appreciate the link man. I’ll take a look.

Trying to consolidate, to say things have been a little hectic is an understatement. Between issues with my protocol, running a business that ships from China, stock trading, and living in NYC right now, my posting has been the least of my worries - don’t mean that in a rude way at all. Just starting to lose track of things more than usual.

I do IM in the delts with 1/2in 27g. I always aspirate. Smaller gauge than that takes too long.

I tried SQ and just felt ‘off’. My numbers prolly didn’t change, I just didn’t ‘feel’ that great. Went back to IM and feel like normal again. So if someone is doing SQ and doesn’t feel good I’d always suggest doing IM


If you switch injection method you need to give it at least a few weeks to restabilize. I did that and I was off to at the beginning as well.

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Makes sense…I might give it a little time to try then, if at all. Don’t want to introduce new problems in the process. It’ll give me some time to watch videos on how to do IM, lol.

Thanks for the tips guys.

@swoops39 that a 335?