Stretch Marks! UGH!

I’m 20 years old and have been lifting weights for a year now. I went from 155lbs a year ago to 185lbs right now. I’m very happy with the size and strength gains that I have made, but I am left with huge stretch marks by my armpits and biceps.
I was just wondering what have been your experience with stretch marks and how to get rid of them; or do they just have to fade away?

Read issue 146’s reader mail section and try the search engine at T-mag.

Pick up some cocoa butter and rub in on the area before u go to sleep…it helped me alot. The ones that have a very thick, waxy consistancy seem to work the best.

Try some skin lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids. They work great on scars, reducing their appearance, might also help with stretch marks.

Retin-A works wonders for removing stretch marks. Especially newer ones. I had them on the same places where everyone gets them (armpits/lats/chest/bicep area) and they are gone now. I knew a girl that went from like an A cup to a C cup in a short period of time and she had stretch marks on her breasts. The Retin-A removed them too. However Retin-A as an acne treatment is awful.