Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning

[quote]Syed Hassan Imam wrote:
after 2 Weeks I noticed my right nipple a bit puffy with pain I suddenly stopped Test Enant as I saw on the internet that it can cause Gynaecomestia, then I went to the Homeopathy and just today after 15 days my pain is almost gain and my nipple is not that puffy anymore,

now I want to start my test Enant Cycle again but very Simple I have Decided to take Only test enant 250mg E3D 16 Weeks. Now I want to know about PCT should I go for Clomid 50mg2x/day from 17th week or should have start it with the cycle or after 2 weeks of first test ppin? plzzz help in this I just want this simple cycle plz help me and plz design the[/quote]

there’s a general rule on this board… we have what’s called stickies (marked with yellow 3M Post It note icon) in the steroid and trt forums. you read and MEMORIZE these before attempting any cycle.

the reason for those stickies is to allow the reader/sometimes a newbie to access 24/7 the wisdom from people with many years of experience. why? because you are risking much worse than puffy nipples my friend.

the board is anonymous so if someone wanted to pop on here and give you negligent/perilous direction before it could be deleted you wouldn’t have a clue. it’s your body, why do i need to do your homework?

not only read but memorize these. do yourself a favor & become an amateur endocrinologist: